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The Ultimate Blogging Resource List: Essential Tools & Resources for Bloggers

Posted on July 26, 2013 by Blog Design Journal

The Ultimate Blogging Resource List is a 25 chapter resource book that details hundreds and hundreds of tools and resources that will help bloggers build, maintain, and promote their blogs. If you would like to start a profitable career writing for top blogs, this is the book for you. Essential Tools & Resources for Bloggers ———————————————————— A carpenter is only as good as his tools. Bloggers are no different. They use different tools and services every day to help them maintain their blogs, whether it be Dropbox to backup their files, or NetVibes to check the latest news. The book covers all the services that professional bloggers use day in, day out. Chapters include: * Blogging Platforms * Blog Editors * Note Taking & Research Tools * Photo Editing Applications * Video & Audio Blogging Resources * Email Marketing * Blog Promotion * Advertising & Monetization * Blog Design Tools & Services * …And Much More There is no doubt that those who are new to blogging be unaware of most of the resources in this book. With hundreds and hundreds of resources listed within 25 chapters, there are many resources that experienced bloggers will be unaware of too. Therefore, I strongly believe this is a book that all bloggers will find useful. About the Author ————————- Kevin Muldoon is an experienced blogger and internet marketer who has been developing and maintaining websites since he purchased his first domain name in 2000. He has developed and sold many successful blogs and wrote for some of the largest blogs on the web.

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3 to “The Ultimate Blogging Resource List: Essential Tools & Resources for Bloggers”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Brief annotations are provided for each of the dozens of valuable blogging resources. The major services or functions of each resource are described along with pricing. You’ll need to do further research before choosing which to use, but even after years studying the field of blogging I found many I was unaware of. Covers more than 2 dozen aspects of blogging listing valuable resources for each. Check out the table of contents to see what I mean. (NOTE: like so many Kindle ebooks, the built in TOC isn’t used, but if you scroll a few pages past the front matter you’ll find a workable substitute.)Claude Whitmyer (FutureU.Com)

  2. Anonymous says:

    Kevin Muldoon has done it once again: he has delivered a concise yet thorough book loaded with resources for bloggers and writers. The time alone that you will save in having such a breadth of resources at your fingertips is well worth the price of the book. I highly recommend The Ultimate Blogging Resource List.

  3. Anonymous says:

    This has been a fantastic resource for me as I muddle through beginning my new blog. My only negative comment is that it is almost too much information to process.

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