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The Ultimate Tag Warrior WordPress Plugin – Your Tag Team Partner For Blogging Success

Posted on July 21, 2009 by Blog Design Journal

Tags, as many people say, are the new keywords.  They are the classificatory terms for the Web 2.0 movement that has swept the internet for a couple of years now.  If keywords appeal to search engines, tags appeal to living, breathing, thinking human beings.


Familiar with Technorati?  It is a website that collates the newest entries from blogs all over the internet.  To find particular entries, you can use tags.  Tags are user-designated words or phrases that tell other people what the user’s content is all about.  A blog entry about shampoos for our canine companions can have the tags dog care, pet care, and dog grooming.  If these tags are used for the said blog entry, the post will be categorized under groups representing the tags chosen.


Imagine if you can arrange your blog entries according to tags, and such tags can be used by your readers to find other posts in your blog.


That would be cool, right?


This is the reason why the Ultimate Tag Warrior is hailed as one of the best plugins for the WordPress blogging platform.  The Ultimate Tag Warrior basically adds a tag cloud, which is like a box filled with tags, with the more popular tags (determined by number of clicks garnered) having bigger fonts than less popular tags.


Such a tag cloud is widely utilized in many Web 2.0 website like the aforementioned Technorati, Del.icio.us and Del.irio.us.


However, the tags that will appear inside the tag cloud displayed on a blog that has installed the Ultimate Tag Warrior plugin will lead to posts within the blog itself whenever the said tags will be clicks.  These tags won’t lead the visitor to outside websites.  These tags will lead visitors to your own blog entries.


Indeed, the Ultimate Tag Warrior is a great way of jazzing up the aesthetics of your blog and improving the interconnectivity of your blog posts.  It’s like creating an entire universe within the confines of your WordPress blog.


The Ultimate Tag Warrior also works well with other WordPress plugins.  Some of the combinations seem like they’re made in heaven.  Take for example the combo provided by the Ultimate Tag Warrior and the Google Sitemaps plugin.  The Ultimate Tag Warrior generates tags, and the Google Sitemaps plugin appends these tags on the end of the XML sitemap that will be generated.  This is will provide a huge benefit for your search engine optimization (SEO) campaign, as Google and other search engines will see your tags as keywords and associate your relevant content to those tags, awarding a higher score and a greater weight to your blog.


Just like the professional wrestler that inspired its name, the Ultimate Tag Warrior promised to be your ultimate tag team partner in succeeding with your business via your blog.

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