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The Ultimate WordPress Book; A Step-by-step Guide for Making an Attractive, Profitable, and Hacker-Proof WordPress Site

Posted on April 08, 2013 by Blog Design Journal

Create Attractive, Profitable and Hacker-Proof WordPress Sites with the Ultimate WordPress Book!

Want to create a website you can be proud of using WordPress? I’ll show you how to make a site that not only looks great and makes you money, but also repels viruses and hackers!

Hi, I’m Lambert Klein, author of several WordPress Best Sellers here in the Kindle Store. To make things super simple for you I’m combining three of my most popular books (and a super exclusive special report) into one ULTIMATE guide for you!

The Ultimate WordPress Book
A Step-by-step Guide for Making an Attractive, Profitable, and Hacker-Proof WordPress Site

Here is what you get:

WordPress Domination

-ultra easy step-by-step setup for beginners, including how to get a domain and hosting

-how to monetize your site for maximum profits

-how to drive targeted traffic to your site fast and easy

-how to use analytics for ultimate site optimization

-SEO tips to make Google’s Panda and Penguin updates work for you, not against you

WordPress Plugins and Themes

-over 190 awesome themes and plugins covered

-learn which themes and plugins make you the most money

-how to get powerful plugins and themes for FREE

-100% honest reviews that discuss both the pros and cons

-reviews for themes and plugins designed for affiliate sites, forums, Adsense, Facebook, Twitter, and more

WordPress Security

-how to protect your site from hackers, malicious code, and more

-plugins that make security super easy

-how to keep your site safe from virus that will destroy your site

-how to back up your site’s data so that you’re always protected

-learn password tricks that stop 90% of hackers dead in their tracks

Exclusive Special Report:
The Top 10 Ways to Make Money with WordPress

Exclusive to this compilation book, you won’t find this very special report anywhere else. This report is all about one thing: helping you make money with WordPress!

In this report you’ll learn:

>How to get people to pay you big bucks for blog posts and reviews

>Where to find ads that make more money than Adsense and how to use them

>What elements are essential for flipping WordPress websites for big money

>How to trade 15 minutes of your time for hundreds of dollars

>How to generate a fulltime residual income on auto-pilot

Perfect for Both Newbies and Veterans!

The Ultimate WordPress Book is designed help you design the WordPress site of your dreams regardless of your experience level. Whether you’re just now hearing about WordPress or whether you’ve already started using it, this guide will show you exactly how to turbo-charge your site and create something visually attractive, extremely profitable, and keep it safe from hackers/viruses!

Buy The Ultimate WordPress Book Today and Make a Site You Can Be Proud of!

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3 to “The Ultimate WordPress Book; A Step-by-step Guide for Making an Attractive, Profitable, and Hacker-Proof WordPress Site”

  1. LindaLikesItOrNot says:

    A really thorough guide, very much worth having! I’m the quintessential do-it-yourselfer. As a real estate agent, you’d think I would be spending most of my time “pressing the flesh as they used to say — shaking hands, meeting people in person. But these days, real estate marketing is a lot about the internet, and having a great wordpress site was a top priority for me.I have kicked around on WordPress, designing a few sites on my own, but when I realized I needed to up my game, I began searching for some DIY guidance (I still wasn’t willing to pay for someone else to build my site!).I found …… and use it as a reference manual to help me build a new level of quality into my site. The book starts very basic. At that level, it’s perfect for the DIY’er who is starting from scratch and wants a very patient, clear explanation of how to put together a WordPress site.But after the first third of the book, then it goes crazy! For me, as a more “intermediate” user, I was able to use the book to fill some gaps in my knowledge… For instance, I never really understood why I needed to address the three categories of keywords Google uses (broad, exact, and phrase). To you that may be a “no-brainer” but it was new to me. And that’s the beauty of this book. It covers all that stuff, so you get what you need and ignore what you don’t!But then the book leaps into areas of WordPress that I never understood or imagined I’d be able to understand…”flash tag cloud”, SEO smart links, Vlucan links, and on and on! Recommended plugins, the ins and outs of WordPress security (I read this in detail!), monetizing the whole thing, generating traffic, squeeze pages, forums…on and on. The level of detail is amazing!!!!! Just the section on hacking alone is worth the book (you can tell I’ve been hacked before…what a nightmare!)It’s one thing to put the whole site together well, but another to USE it well. This book is a GREAT guide for the beginner to the advanced DIY WordPresser. It really is The Ultimate WordPress Book; A Step-by-step Guide for Making an Attractive, Profitable, and Hacker-Proof WordPress Site

  2. "Tao" says:

    A WordPress Reference Must-Have! This is a WordPress guide I will refer to again and again to maximize the marketing effectiveness of our blog.’The Ultimate WordPress Book’ goes well beyond the basics. It is well thought out and organized; clearly written and illustrated.Moira MannPacific Rim Press

  3. Rob says:

    Amazing! Just picked up a copy of this book while it was free and….wow. This is probably one of the better books I have gotten on kindle so far. A great in-depth guide that will show you how to get a WordPress website up in running in no time. Probably about 10X better then any of the dummy books I have ever read :P.Lovely pictures and everything is explained clearly. Deff worth the money no doubt.

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