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The Web Content Strategist’s Bible: The Complete Guide To A New And Lucrative Career For Writers Of All Kinds

Posted on April 27, 2013 by Blog Design Journal

Managing the creation and maintenance of the huge volume of Web content requires an understanding of not just Web writing, but of detailed, well-planned, realistic content development processes. Those practicing the new discipline of Web Content Strategy are being called upon to help Web development teams navigate this new editorial ecosystem where content not only has to be written, but also broken up into thousands of pieces that have to be reviewed, approved, re-purposed, edited for search engines, translated, localized, and generated using a new and complex set of tools and techniques. The Web Content Strategist’s Bible explains how the practice of Web content strategy can be used to effectively manage the size, scope, and cost of content-heavy Web development projects. Presented in an easy, readable style, the book focuses on asking the right questions and gathering relevant information needed for efficient project planning and development.

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3 to “The Web Content Strategist’s Bible: The Complete Guide To A New And Lucrative Career For Writers Of All Kinds”

  1. Moria Campbell "copydiva" says:

    A critical addition to a content strategist’s library I am a seasoned copywriter and burgeoning content strategist. My current project is a large scale financial Website. To prepare, I joined some content forums on the Web and sought out the best books available. Three made the cut and The Web Content Strategist’s Bible is already a treasured reference. Richard Sheffield gave me absolutely essential ideas for improving my matrices which I can implement immediately. The book also introduces aspects of our discipline that I plan on applying to future projects.The Web Content Strategist’s Bible is well organized and easily digestible – just like good Web content. It is a breezy, but never superficial read. TWCSB gives a complete picture of the expected duties and deliverables for a strategist, so the book is excellent for those just entering the field. However I wouldn’t say the book is only for newbies. TWCSB is suitable for anyone who deals with content and has the sense that things are being overlooked or that workflow could be improved. Sheffield clearly outlines the different project phases and associated challenges. Small organizations could use it to help create their content process and make the business case for having a strategist.Make this part of your required reading and you will automatically be several steps ahead of your competition.

  2. Emma James says:

    Great tactical guidance to manage web content I am a marketing manager tasked with managing the content process for our site redesign. This book has been a LIFE SAVER and helped me understand the exact steps that I needed to go through to manage the content build. I bought three books: Content Management Bible by Bob Boiko which has good information but is overwhelming at this stage in my learning as it is the size of a phone book! And Content Strategy for the Web by Kristina Halvorson, which was easy to read and had good information as well but seemed more theoretical. The Web Content Strategist Bible was extremely easy to read, straightforward, process-oriented and tactical. The book and the online bonus material were exactly what I needed to effectively manage the content in our web redesign.

  3. Mandy Schnirel says:

    Good overview, but was hoping for more While this book was a good overview, I couldn’t help but feel that it was lacking on details. It was a very quick read (read it on the train on the way to work in one day), and I felt that it would be a helpful resource for someone considering a career change to content strategist. However, only a few pages were actually devoted to the nuts and bolts of Web content strategy, SEO, etc. This would be a better book for someone who is entirely unfamiliar with what a Web Content Strategist does and what is involved in the process of a Web site relaunch (or launch). If you are already familiar with these things, this book probably won’t bring much to the table.

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