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Think Blog Design Doesn’t Matter? Watch This!

Posted on January 06, 2008 by Kathleen

If you think blog design does not matter much, or if you think it’s about looking hip or cool, you need to see the scientific proof that design can make or break your blog or web site.

If you have not taken professional courses in publication design, this video may blow your mind. It explains how eye-tracking devices and software are used to find out exactly where visitors look at your pages, how long their eyes stay on each part, and the path the eyes take an your page. You may be shocked.

If you have studied publication design, it is still a good reminder. You may still be surprised.

Go watch this amazing video at Stompernet.

While there, you can download a free program to help you check the layout of your own site. Plus, there are many other videos you will want to see.

Incidentally, the speaker is a guest blogger on the site. Clearly he did not have any input in the Stompernet site design, because the lack of contrast between the light yellow-green links and the white background makes small type illegible and medium type criminally hard on the eyes.

But the video is top notch, so please take a look. Good design is not about great graphics and trendy colors. After viewing this video, I don’t think you’ll ever look at a blog or web design the same way again.

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