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Tweet My Blog – Why Is It The Most Popular WordPress Plugin Today?

Posted on July 21, 2009 by Blog Design Journal

In such a quick period of time, Twitter has emerged as highly popular digital service that is full of wonderful potentials.  Presidential candidates use Twitter to coordinate their nationwide campaigns, for example.  Rival sports superstars use it to publicize each other’s dirt.  Emergency response units accept tweets as legitimate calls for help.  Airplane crashes are first reported through this micro-blogging platform.  And Perez Hilton uses Twitter every time a celebrity actually decides to punch him on the face.


Twitter has become an ubiquitous web service that has transcended the internet.  Everyone seems to be using Twitter, and your online business can capitalize on this fact.


Basically, if you’re into internet marketing and you’re not using Twitter, then you’re missing out on some major benefits that can increase the profitability of your business.


But for Twitter to work for your enterprise, you will need 2 things: 1) thousands upon thousands of followers; and 2) a commitment to tweet regularly.


The first can be solved via automated Twitter software programs, and there are a lot of them these days.


The second can be remedied by digging deep inside you to actually dedicate yourself to posting several 140-character messages per day…… or by using your WordPress blog.


By using a WordPress plugin wittily named Tweet My Blog, WordPress will automatically post a tweet whenever you post a new blog entry.  This tweet is user-defined.  You can invite your followers to check out your blog.  You can try the mysterious approach of promising a surprise for them if they’d click on the link to your newest blog entry.  Or you can simply give them a heads up, like a buddy would, and wait for them to visit your blogs, again, like a buddy would.


Tweet My Blog is a wonderful piece of WordPress plugin that many bloggers-cum-tweeters have hailed as the best add-on that has been introduced to the community since Twitter was invented.  If you’re a WordPress blogger and you own a Twitter account, then it will be a grave sin if you won’t use Tweet My Blog.  If you’re an online marketer, then it would be a graver sin if you don’t have a WordPress blog and/or you don’t own a Twitter account.


Installing the Tweet My Blog WordPress plugin is very, very easy.  Just like other plugins, simply unzip the contents thereof to your wp-content/plugins folder.  Thereafter, go to your admin interface and to your plugins menu and install the Tweet My Blog.  And you’re all set to go.


Initial configuration is just as easy.  The WordPress plugin will ask for your Twitter details, i.e. username and password, so that it can automate the process.


Tweet My Blog WordPress plugin is a great way to maximize your efforts and save you a lot of time you’d otherwise spend on blogging and tweeting.  Tweet My Blog is an excellent way to harness your followers and transform them into cascading traffic to your blog each and every time you post a new entry.

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