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Ultimate 2013 WordPress Themes and Plugins Guide: Unlock the Power of WordPress in 2013 with the Most Potent Plugins and Themes!

Posted on February 10, 2013 by Blog Design Journal

Want to take your WordPress website to the next level?

 I’ll show you how to power it up fast, easy, and cheap!-
Hi, I’m Lambert Klein, author of Kindle best sellers WordPress Security, and WordPress Domination. In my new book, the Ultimate 2013 WordPress Themes and Plugins Guide, I share with you a massive collection of plugins and themes that will enhance your WordPress site and make it successful. I’ve personally gone through and selected the hottest plugins and themes that are going to be BIG in 2013. 
Whether your site is a blog, membership site, or ecommerce store, this guide will show you the tools you need to turn it into a real powerhouse. -Get the Plugins and Themes You Need for Success in 2013!
- Here is just a small sample of what the plugins and themes in this guide can do for your site: 
Track your critical data with website analytics to fully optimize your site
 Increase your search engine ranking for maximum traffic by providing a better user experience
 Pump-up your site’s ranking ability with powerful SEO plugins
 Increase revenue with proven to work ecommerce themes and plugins 
Explode your Adsense income with the hottest Adsense themes and plugins 
Save time by letting a plugin do in minutes what would take you hours 
Save money by getting your hands on HOT FREE plugins and themes Using the Wrong Plugins and Themes can Turn Your Site into a Cesspool of Mediocrity and Failure-
 Have you installed a theme on your ecommerce site that drives off potential customers? Is your blog using a theme that makes visitors hit the back button immediately? It’s very easy to mistakenly create a WordPress site that drives off visitors, upsets the search engine algorithms, and gets ranked back on page 20 in the search engine results. 
Using plugins and themes for the wrong purposes will drag your site down and have people avoiding it like the plague.
 The Ultimate 2013 WordPress Themes and Plugins Guide will teach you which themes and plugins are good for which types of sites.
 Here are the categories you’ll be able to explore in this guide and how they’ll turn your site into a winner: 
-All Purpose Plugins
 - Enhance any site imaginable SEO Plugins 
- Get the ranking power you need for success Social Share Plugins
 - Go viral with the latest social media tactics Security Plugins 
- Protect your site from ruthless hackers Themes/Plugins for Stores and Affiliate Sites
 - Making money is easy when your theme and plugins do half the work for you
 Themes/Plugins for Blogs
 - Grow your popularity and become a blogging superstar Themes/Plugins for Squeeze Pages
 - Increase you signup rate by over 500% with these themes and plugins Themes/Plugins for Adsense
 - Let these themes and plugins show you exactly where to place your ads for maximum revenue Plugins for Forums, Chatrooms, and Membership Sites 
- Turning your site into a social hub has never been easier Over 190 Plugins and Themes Covered!
 Which theme would be better for your Adsense site: HeatMap or MaxSense? Would it be best to spend $77 on Popup Domination for your squeeze page, or would it be best to go with the free alternative WordPress Popup? Choosing what’s right for your site is easy thanks to the 60+ full reviews provided in the Ultimate 2013 WordPress Plugin and Theme Guide. On top of that, over 190 plugins are listed and compared in total. 
I’ve made sure that you have plenty of options when it comes to both free and paid plugins. Don’t waste hours upon hours researching themes and plugins manually; go through the guide and select the best plugins for your WordPress site in minutes! Perfect for Both WordPress Newbies and Veterans Alike!

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2 to “Ultimate 2013 WordPress Themes and Plugins Guide: Unlock the Power of WordPress in 2013 with the Most Potent Plugins and Themes!”

  1. davidharper says:

    Great resource! Are you interested in building your own website or blog? I highly recommend this book as a complete introduction to Word Press for those wishing to roll their own sites. book is really good, for people that never work with word press. It will guide you to every process. I love it!

  2. Barry Davis says:

    Fantastic Help Being somewhat new to WordPress I’ve been extremely frustrated with what themes to use, which plugins were good, etc… I cannot tell you how many plugins I have installed that did not work and had to delete. This book is a GREAT help in that it shows you exactly what to do, why to do it, and gives you step-by-step instruction. It also goes into detail on which themes to use, which plugins work best, and even gives screenshots that are very helpful. I am very happy that I got this book and have no doubt it will be a wonderful help to me in the future.

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