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Ways To Engage Your Readers On Your Blog

Posted on September 18, 2009 by Blog Design Journal

You’ve started a blog that has a great layout(from free WordPress themes), interesting content, and is overall a high-quality blog. Even if you have all these great things about your blog, it can still be hard to engage your readers with you. So how can you do this?

First, let viewers comment on your blog posts. Sometimes bloggers disable comments because of spam which can occur often. Even if you try to block spam by requiring registration to comment, it can still be a turnoff because people don’t want to put effort into it. What you can do is install Akismet or another spam blocker application to prevent this. A lot of times people can comment and then the blog will ask for your approval to post it.

When you allow comments to be posted, you should consider allowing users to track their responses. This means after they comment, they can subscribe to comments through a plugin that allows it. What this does is send them an e-mail when you or someone else responds to the comment. It allows for more conversation when you do this.

You can also enable trackbacks in your comments. This is where someone could respond to your blog post by writing a blog post about it, but wants you to be aware of it so through trackbacks they can have an excerpt of their post in your comment section. You may also want to consider putting an RSS feed button on the top area of your blog. This allows people to subscribe to your blog feed.

There are several ways to engage your reader into conversation through your blog, these are just a few of the ways you can do it. Blogging can become a type of virtual community when the right tools and options are available on blogs. Make your blog part of the virtual community by allowing comments, trackbacks, and RSS feeds.

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