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Ways to Instill Relationships With Your Readers

Posted on September 28, 2009 by Blog Design Journal

Some blogs wouldn’t look appealing as you wanted it to be. You think you needed to make some changes with your site? Do you want to increase your traffic? Do you want people to come back more often? Of course, who would want to have a blog with only two or more readers? So, how does one could gain more readers? Whether you’ve just had your blog and are struggling for visitors, or you have an established blog that you want to reach more subscribers, developing relationships with your readers is an important matter in your blogging success.

As you begin to have visitors, your relationships with your readers will measure your blog’s upcoming success. If it is positive, the popularity of your blog will spread through the most powerful means available – “word of mouth” type of advertising. Hearing someone say “I found a cool blog and I read it every day, and you should go check it out too” is far more effective than any banner, ad, or inbound link. 

Below are 5 ways you can build effective, traffic-producing relationships with your blog readers:

  • Make sure you get to respond to comments posted on your blog posts since readers will come back to read your replies, and will appreciate the interaction.
  • Don’t forget to visit and comment on your readers’ blog posts. Your readers have important things to say too plus showing an interest in their perspectives is a great way to build long-term friendships.
  • If ever you’ll stumble on reader’s blog that is inspiring or simply interesting advertise it in your blog. Many of your readers will do the same thing, so you’re not driving away visitors; you’re creating mutually beneficial alliances.
  • Try asking a reader to guest post on your blog.
  • Make it easy for readers to connect with you through email, Twitter, Skype or anywhere around the World Wide Web. It will help bring your true personality out, beyond what you are writing in your blog. IT will also give you ways to bounce ideas off your readers, get feedbacks and learn more about how your readers think, act, and spend their time.

Anthony Mitchell is a passionate Entrepreneur who calls himself a Marketplace Minister. He used to ply professional basketball in Europe and Mexico. Now he set out to become a business owner while being an assistant basketball coach. For more info visit Anthony Mitchell

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