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Website Traffic To Your Blogs

Posted on March 22, 2010 by Blog Design Journal

Blogging is one of the most popular and profitable forms of internet marketing on the web right now. It’s one of the fastest ways to promote yourself to others and create followers and buyers within a particular niche, but there is no way you can make any niche blog a success without significant amounts of traffic. So what are some of the fastest ways to get traffic to any blog? There are a few quick things you can do that will help instantly increase visitors and help make your blog
popular and profitable.
The first method is social bookmarking. Creating a web presence in social networking websites such as Facebook, Twitter and Myspace will help create back links to increase SEO and will also provide an alternative pathway for people to find and visit your blog. If you are looking for a fast and easy way to get your blog indexed and trafficked by numerous visitors from social networking sites, a great place to start would be socialmarker. This one handy little website will instantly ping your blog content to all the major social networking websites and give your site an edge in search engine rankings and back link traffic.
Another great method for blog traffic is to submit your blog and RSS feed to blog directories. Blog directories act as an additional network of traffic by generating back links for search engine optimization and creating an additional path for visitors to be lead to your blog. People searching around a specific niche will often go through blog directories in the hopes of finding compelling and worthwhile content that will answer questions and give them an interesting source of information on a particular topic. The most common and highest traffic blog directories you should upload your blog to are blog catalog, blog hub and blogging fusion.
A final method for generating traffic to a blog would be to sign up for a membership at a traffic website such as trafficswarm. The way these sites work is they offer incentives for visitors to go to each others sites by offering credits for visiting a particular site. For each credit, you get one visitor to any choice of your websites. So it is essentially a giant traffic exchange in which people earn credits by visiting other websites. Certainly not the best source of traffic available, but it is cheap and there is plenty of traffic to go around on
sites like these, especially if you sign up for a monthly membership plan, which guarantees you 5000 credits per month. I think just about any blog could benefit from additional 5000 visitors this month, don’t you?
Other than that, it pays to be mindful of keywords. If you generate tons of traffic, but are not leading your visitors in on relevant buying keywords, you will not realize any ROI from your hard work and energy creating the content or back links. Just be sure to remember you are not only getting traffic, but also the right kind of traffic to any website you happen to create.

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