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Welcome Home: The Author’s Guide to Building A Marketing Home Base (Build A Platform, Market Yourself, and Sell Books)

Posted on August 30, 2012 by Blog Design Journal

How to Market and Sell Your Self-Published Books

Want to Build A Platform, Market Yourself, and Sell More Books?

Are you an author, struggling with the many marketing and self-promotion tools out there–like Twitter, Facebook, and blogging? Have you written an amazing book, self-published it on Kindle, and achieved almost nothing in sales? Do you want to sell your indie-published books to the people you know would love them?

This is the Guide You Need to Start Marketing and Selling Your Indie Book!

Welcome Home: The Author’s Guide to Building A Marketing Home Base is a step-by-step guide to building an author marketing platform–all of the guidelines, resources, tips, and tricks you need to market and sell your self-published books and ebooks online. Sell your indie book on Kindle, but generate traffic and attention through your “Home Base” strategy.

Selling books doesn’t need to be difficult or mysterious. It’s a straightforward process that starts with adding value–earn peoples’ trust, and they’ll be more likely to buy your book.

What you’ll learn:

Part 1: Why Do We Need A Home Base?

  • Why Do You Need A Home Base?
  • New World, New Rules
  • 7 Reasons We Need A Home Base
  • Are You Asking the Right Questions?
  • Other Questions

Part 2: How to Set Up Your Home Base

  • Choosing A Name
  • Choosing A Host
  • Choosing A Platform
  • Setting Up Your Site
  • 7 Key Things to Include On Your Blog
  • 7 Great (Free) Plugins for Authors
  • The Top 5 Pages You Need to Have

Part 3: What Should You Write About?

  • Why You Should Be Blogging
  • Creating Content: Writing “Pillar Content”
  • Creating Content: Blog Post Formats and Style
  • Why It’s Easier to Be A Non-Fiction Author
  • How to Blog While Writing Fiction

Part 4: Self-Promotion 101

  • Outposts: What They Are, and Why You Need Them
  • Setting Up Your Outposts
  • Build Your Platform Using Outposts
  • How to Automate Your Outposts
  • Driving Traffic to Your Home Base
  • Guest Posting: Advanced Techniques

Part 5: What Now?

  • Why You Need A Newsletter
  • How to Set Up A Newsletter
  • Don’t Give Up, Just Give More
  • Getting More Help

Get started building your platform today, and sell more books!

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3 to “Welcome Home: The Author’s Guide to Building A Marketing Home Base (Build A Platform, Market Yourself, and Sell Books)”

  1. Caren Baginski says:

    The guide for writers turning digital For the consummate writer who’s new to digital (i.e. many of my friends), I’d recommend this ebook. “Why should I have a website? Why should I blog?” my writer friends have asked me. Pick up this guide to find out. It’s a nice mix of how to’s and strategy — in fact, the book contains a lot of tangible, “do this now” tutorials compared to other books of this type. The last few chapters really brought home (pun intended) exactly how to establish a home base without getting digitally overwhelmed. In a quick read with useful tips, Nick makes the business of establishing a website a lot less scary for writers.

  2. SrhPlqn says:

    At home with marketing my home base Welcome Home is a refreshing and educational look at building your writing home base. I was one of those people who didn’t really think anything of a home base. Didn’t know what it was to be honest. Nick teaches the basics and gives a great education on social platforms. I’m so very excited to use his pointers and tips to build my own home base.Writers in this day and age NEED this book. Gone are the days where skill and talent drove your sales. Now ANYONE can break into print, but success comes from the hard work and effort YOU put in before your books even hit the shelves. If you truly want to succeed as a writer, work at it with everything you have and market before you even write your first manuscript page! :) And buy this book… :)

  3. Dusty Craine "one4thewings" says:

    You need a Home Base. Here’s how to build one. The book starts by defining what exactly a home base is. It’s a platform you control, and own, on your own terms. It isn’t Facebook. It isn’t Twitter. It isn’t Google+. It’s your own blog on your own host, preferably. Those other social media outposts are subject to the whim of the owner.For example, Facebook could one day decide to start charging you to get your message across to folks who’ve already indicated that they like you and want to hear from you. Oh wait. I guess that’s already a reality.And see? That’s the reason you need a home base. So some monster corporation can’t freeze you out of your own audience or make life unnecessarily difficult. Social media is great. It’s a crucial aspect of building your marketing home base but the idea is not to setup base on those social media sites, it’s to setup outposts that lead people to your home base. They are recruiting stations. Tools.That’s why you need a home base. And that’s what Welcome Home helps you do. The chapters move at a quick clip and provide enough detail to teach you what you need to know without burying you in unnecessary information. The information is presented in such a manner that you feel excited to begin his method. It seems so easy.The book addresses the topics I’ve mentioned above but also goes into detail such as what blogging platform Nick prefers (WordPress), what Plugins he prefers (many) and what tools he uses to schedule and automate his presence (Buffer). Chapter twenty-one is the automation chapter and in my opinion that chapter alone is worth the cost of admission. In fact, I find myself eager to get this review finished so I can start putting some of those plugins/apps into place and signing up for some of the same services that hooked me in.And really that’s what this is about. Hooking in your readership. Building a relationship with them. Turning them into your fans by providing them value. And ultimately getting permission to share your message with them directly.So how can you be sure Nick knows what he’s talking about? That depends on you, I suppose. But I can tell you how I’ve made that determination. It worked on me.I am an aspiring writer. I found Nick’s site, somehow. And after reviewing the page I decided there was enough value to be found that I wanted to hear from Nick directly and signed up for his 20-week fiction writers course and newsletter. I never do this. But Nick promised me a great value and he’s delivered thus far. And as I read through his book Welcome Home I’ve discovered that it’s all part of his master plan. It wasn’t by mistake or happenstance that he hooked me into LiveHacked.com. It was very intentional.And now he’s handing you the keys to the kingdom.The keys to your own castle. Your own home base. Welcome home.

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