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Welcome Your Visitors – A Review Of The “What Would Seth Godin Do” WordPress Plugin

Posted on July 21, 2009 by Blog Design Journal

There’s a certain conclusion that has been established in email marketing, one that has been proven to be highly effective throughout the years.


That conclusion is this: personalizing your email message will lead to a higher response rate.


Hence, many autoresponder systems have integrated tools that will allow the online marketer to personalize his messages.  Instead of starting with a “Dear Sir/Ma’am,” most autoresponder systems can now allow the online marketers to start with a “Dear (name of subscriber)” instead, based on the personal details submitted by the subscriber when he signed up.  This has worked wonders for many email marketing campaigns.  Read rate has dramatically improved.  Click through rate increased as a result.  And of course, increased offer visibility naturally leads to increased sales.


If email marketing employs such a powerful strategy, shouldn’t your WordPress blog do the same?

The underlying principle behind such a tactic is the fact that you can take advantage of your visitors’ cookies. 


One such “welcome your visitors” WordPress plugin that will help you “personalize” your blog posts is an add-on humorously called What Would Seth Godin Do? 


Intrigued by the name?


Seth Godin is a renowned author and marketer who popularized the science of permission marketing.  Permission marketing advocates the personalization of messages when dealing with your prospects.  Seth Godin was the first to advocate the usage – nay, the exploitation – of your visitors’ cookies so that you can personalize messages as they would naturally pertain to them.


The name of the WordPress plugin is merely a play on, well, what would Seth Godin do if we was to create a WordPress plugin.  He would’ve created this “welcome your visitors” add-on that we’re discussing in this article.


The premise behind What Would Seth Godin Do is quite simple: a plugin that will read a visitor’s browser cookies to determine if that visitor has visited the website before or not.  If the visitor has yet visit the user’s blog, the blog can display a welcome message that will make the said visitor feel welcome.


By default, the What Would Seth Godin Do WordPress plugin will display the following message: “If you’re new here, you may want to subscribe to my RSS feed. Thanks for visiting!”  The goal, of course, is to let the visitor know that you appreciate his presence and to make him subscribe to your RSS feed so that you’d have a reader forever.


After 5 visits, as can be read from his browser’s cookies, the message will no longer be flashed so that your blog entries won’t sound forceful and intrusive.


The welcome message displayed by this WordPress plugin can, of course, be modified to your liking.

What Would Seth Godin Do is an excellent WordPress add-on inspired by a man who continues to revolutionize the marketing landscape.  It’s free to try and it can provide monumental improvements when it comes to the performance of your WordPress blog.

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