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What Are the Ways to Monetize Blogs and Become an Affiliate?

Posted on May 03, 2010 by GuestBlogger

Blogging is generally easy for the persons that post daily or regularly because their intention is to interact with their readers and also keep the online fraternity up to date with their opinion or evaluation about anything they may come across.

It can be very difficult for those that have just started blogging with their primary aim to make money through their blogs. Anyone who has started in this mind set will definitely say that it is a waste of time sooner or later.

The online audience is always thirsty for information on anything. That the reason why you have search engines, blogs, video sites, RSS feeds and others with the main focus to make access to information more easier for a computer novice.

The online audience really appreciates information at their disposal and convenience, in others words they don’t mind finding everything at one place that is what everyone is looking for online. So the primary intention of a blogger should be to give information and more information along with honest opinions and evaluations about whatever it is that they are addressing in their post.

With the above suggestion as a blogger you will need to ask yourself the following question:

· Is it worthwhile to monetize your blog or not?

· How are you going monetize your blog?

· Do you have any marketing experience?

· Will it add value to you blog post?

· Do the products or services that you will propose to readers suitable for you site?

· Do you have consistent traffic coming to your site on a daily basis?

If you can give a positive response to all of these questions then why not start the process.

The minute you start to monetize any of your blogs you are automatically now an affiliate (meaning you are a partner or an associate of the product owner), with this in mind you will be paid a commission for any every product you refer to a buyer providing the sale is successful.

Approximately every products or services that are offered online have an affiliate program aimed at selling their products to a wide range of consumers. Some of the more popular ones are Google AdSense, Amazon, Commission Junction, Avangate, ClickBank and the list goes on. Each of these affiliate sites offer a wide range of products and service so there are choices for everyone. Now all bloggers have to do is some research and find out which is more appropriate for you.

If you have taken this bold step to put your blog in money earning prospective take my advice to ensure that you continue to write for your readers because they are your asset and without them you will not earn anything.

Remember whether you do it as a business of for just social reasons your must ensure that you maintain existing readers and at the same time continue to gain more readers as you progress.

Never try to give a sales pitch straight up as this will only discourage readers, what you must do is to gain their attention, interest, desire and action (AIDA) this acronym marketers generally use and this cannot be stressed enough.

So if anyone should ask, “what are ways to monetize blogs?” The above pointers and suggestions will definitely give a start and also do some reading and find out other ways.

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