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Posted on May 18, 2013 by Blog Design Journal

Product Features

  • Manage your current WordPress blogs or create new ones
  • Create and edit posts from your mobile device
  • Upload media from your device library or capture video or a picture and upload it to your blog
  • Receive comment notifications and moderate multiple comments at a time
  • Keep track of your site statistics

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3 to “WordPress”

  1. James P. York "Jimbobwe" says:

    Saved my Bacon, itellya… I’m not gonna get into a long description of what a dumbass I was, but suffice it to say, when I needed it most, the app for the Amazon Kindle Fire and other Android devices saved me of even more humiliation than I would normally encounter after posting a blog story, realizing an egregious typo or two…or three, and then finding myself without access to my home computer or laptop with which to edit them.Such a circumstance happened to me recently, when someone emailed to “inform me” of how badly I’d screwed up. I was on a weekend trip to another city and only had access to my Kindle Fire (actually, I HAD brought my laptop with me, but as luck would have it, its power supply went bad en route and took the battery with it). When I received the email on my Kindle (which I’m learning to love more each day), my laptop was toast and I thought I was too, as we wouldn’t be returning home for another more two days.Luckily, I realized that I’d recently downloaded the WordPress app, but hadn’t yet had any reason to use it. I quickly corrected the typos (and let’s just say, they weren’t punctuation or common-word based errors, either). So at least I was able to save *part* of my face (and the jury’s still out on whether or not that’s actually a good thing…); all thanks to my Kindle Fire and the WordPress app, available for free from the Amazon AppStore.It’s easy to use, and when ya need it. well, ya really need it.

  2. mdcoop1967 says:

    WordPress review Decent app if you want to quickly update a “short” blog post. Otherwise it’s too cumbersome to bang out a long post on a cell phone. I didn’t really have any trouble uploading my blog post so all in all a decent app.

  3. J. Ly says:

    easy to use straightforward, functional, intuitive, and simple ui. really enjoy this app for blog updates. convenient for blogging on the go and easy to write out an article on the kindle fire. :)

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