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WordPress Domination – Beginner to NINJA in 7 Days: In Just Seven Days, You Can Go From WordPress Zero To WordPress Hero

Posted on December 23, 2012 by Blog Design Journal
WordPress Domination

WordPress Domination

WordPress DominationBeginner to NINJA in 7 Days

In Just Seven Days,
You Can Go From WordPress Zero To WordPress Hero…

Discover How You Can Ninja Your Way To Complete WordPress Dominance In As Little As Seven Days

I’m not going to beat around the bush here. There’s no way to get rich quick on the internet… but if you want to build an empire of websites that will create residual income and massive profit potential, you need to be using WordPress.

Unfortunately, installing WordPress onto a newly purchased domain isn’t going to make you rich. There are widgets, themes, plugins, and traffic to worry about… not to mention wondering which monetization method is best for you!

You can find information about each of these things scattered around the internet, but it would literally take weeks to go through it all… and when you’re ready to start making money online, you want to do it now. Who has time for all that?

Fortunately, I created a system that will have your very first WordPress website up and ready to make money in seven days flat!

I’m proud to introduce… “WordPress Domination: Beginner To Ninja In 7 Days”

In my seven day guide to dominating WordPress, I leave no stone unturned and no topic untouched. You’ll go from installing WordPress, to adding content, to generating traffic, all the way to making money by this time next week. With a light workload each day, you’ll have time to get your first WordPress site up and running in your spare time. After seven days, you’ll have the knowledge to quickly and easily create profitable WordPress sites… and in no time you’ll have an entire army of sites making money for you 24/7!

  • Day One You’ll find and purchase the domain name you’ll be using to make money
  • Day Two Learn about your hosting options and choose the right host for your website Set your nameserver Install WordPress
  • Day Three Setting up WordPress Discovering your control panel Setting up your permalinks, categories, sidebar links, and widgets Finding the right theme for your website Using cPanel and FTP
  • Day Four Enhancing WordPress Installing the most important moneymaking plugins Creating posts and pages Images and tag Security Search engine optimization for maximum traffic
  • Day Five Creating search engine optimized content Getting comments from visitors Keeping your visitors engaged and coming back for more
  • Day Six Monetization Becoming an expert in your chosen niche Generating loads of converting traffic Editing themes to add personality to your site
  • Day Seven Analytics Beating the big, bad Google Panda Conclusion

…and those are just some of the topics covered! Where Will You Be In Seven Days? If you follow the easy steps I outline in my guide, in seven days you’ll be dominating WordPress like a ninja. Your competitors will never see you sneaking up the search engines, stealing their traffic, and making their sales until it’s too late!

For one low investment, you could take the first steps to complete WordPress domination – and build your very first moneymaking website!

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2 to “WordPress Domination – Beginner to NINJA in 7 Days: In Just Seven Days, You Can Go From WordPress Zero To WordPress Hero”

  1. M. Myers "mmarkm" says:

    Extremely Helpful and the Best Guide I Have Read for Building WordPress Websites Thought I would chime in here with the reviews. I have been building websites for a couple of years now using a format other than WordPress. I tried WordPress a while back, but couldn’t quite figure it out. However, everything I keep hearing was that WordPress websites were the best way to go and were better for (SEO) search engine optimization. So I went back to WordPress and started looking for guides that would help me and answer ALL my questions. I’ll bet I tried half a dozen books. Each seemed to leave something out. That all changed with this book, “WordPress Domination.” This is the absolute best and most thorough guide to building websites using WordPress that I have come across. It is detailed and makes the complicated uncomplicated. I also found the information regarding the use of plug-ins especially helpful.

  2. Kathy Adams says:

    Best WP course ever! Long gone the days of using WP (WordPress) just as a blogging tool. Now even big companies uses WP for their main websites. Although all my sites were designed in WP, I had no idea how it works since my website designer does all works related to my websites from designing to updating new contents. However my contract with the designer ended last month and I decided to take on the job myself to save costs. Now coming from a technical background, I find it relatively easy but problems came when I tried to install a new plugin. I was searching high and low for a solution and couldn’t find one. So I left that site unattended for a few weeks.When I bought this book, I couldn’t be more happier when I read that one of the chapter includes the use of the plugin I installed that caused the problem. Not only did I manage to rectify the problem but I actually learned a lot of new things related to WP.The book not only teaches you how to create wonderful WP websites but even teaches you SEO (search engine optimization) and monetizing, all using WP. Overall, I highly recommend this book to anyone who has a WP website. Doesn’t matter if you’re a newbie or even an expert, you will definitely find something valuable in this book.

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