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WordPress For Beginners: Build, Optimize And Design A WordPress Website Or Blog From Scratch, In 3 Easy Steps! (Stoked About WordPress Series)

Posted on October 22, 2013 by Blog Design Journal

‘WordPress For Beginners’ is a newbie guide that lays out in complete detail the exact steps needed to build a full-fledged website (using wordpress.org). We will start building a website from scratch and then add layer upon layer of WordPress goodness!

Take a look inside the book (Chapter 2) to get an idea about the kind of website we will be creating.

Note: This book is part of the ‘Stoked About WordPress’ series.

We won’t just talk theory but also use 50+ screenshots and a demo website to point to live examples. And no need to worry about coding either! Even if you haven’t so much as sniffed at a line of code nor have a pressing desire to do so now – this book is especially for you (although there are some cool, albeit optional, cut-and-paste code tricks).

Building A WordPress Website (or Blog!) Is As Easy As 1-2-3…

The book has been divided into three ‘steps’ to break down the website creation process into ‘byte’ sized chunks –

Step 1 – The Essentials:
-Pick the best domain names and web hosting using my checklist.
-Buy web hosting at a super discount!
-Avoid website building beginners mistakes that can compromise your WordPress site’s security
By the end of this step your website will go live on the world wide web. Woot!

Step 2 – The Optimization:
-Learn how to make essential back-end tweaks to lay a strong foundation for your WordPress website.
-Add content, graphics, sidebar widgets, social media icons, plugins, customized navigation bar to your site.
-Pick up some juicy SEO tips! -Use the SEO checklist and image SEO techniques for a perfectly on-page optimized WordPress website.
By the end of Step 2, you would have turned a basic WordPress installation into a full-fledged website!

Step3 – The Design: Let loose those creative juices and overhaul your website into a new level of design. WordPress web design isn’t only for pros! We will work with an amazing free theme that will give you a tremendous level of control over your site’s design. Down to the very last pixel. Well, almost!
-Change your website’s design in minutes with a few clicks. No coding needed!
-Learn the 3-minute cool trick to make a custom background (for PC users)
-Get fun fonts for your site
-Tune up your site’s typography
-Make a custom header using a free tool …& much more!

By the end of this step your WordPress website will be totally set for prime time!

“WordPress For Beginners” has a detailed Table of Contents; please scroll up and take a “Look Inside” the book!

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2 to “WordPress For Beginners: Build, Optimize And Design A WordPress Website Or Blog From Scratch, In 3 Easy Steps! (Stoked About WordPress Series)”

  1. Ali Julia says:

    Informative and easy to follow guide I have experience with both WordPress and Blogger blogging platforms. I have helped several non-techie friends to start their own blogs. When I received a request from the author to review this book from the perspective of an experienced blogger my goal was to see whether the book covered everything I would expect it to cover as well whether it was written in a way that it would be understood by people who are not software engineers.Overall, I think the author has succeeded achieving both goals. The instructions are detailed, simple to understand, and written in a friendly conversation tone. She explains terminology, provides examples, and even provides a web site where she is willing to answer questions that the book has not answered.The book covers a lot of topics from basic set up to optimization of performance. You will not need to read the book cover to cover to get started. You can gradually improve your site by learning additional chapters. I really liked the cheat sheet at the end of the book “A website in 10 minutes” – it is always rewarding to get something working fast and then come back and tune various things as you learn more and more.If there was one thing that I would have liked to see in the book which is not there is the comparison of WordPress to Blogger pointing how they are different and why someone might choose one over the other.Overall, if you want to become a WordPress expert this is a great place to start.Ali Julia review

  2. D. C. Wiggs says:

    Unbeatable Beginners Guide I’ve been using WordPress to build client sites for a few years now, but a number of them have asked me if I could train them to update the sites themselves, and I just don’t have the time – and certainly not the patience. That’s where this book saves the day – all my clients will be getting their very own copy!Stoked About WordPress is an excellent non-techie (wherever possible) guide for all total newbies to setup, build, design and maintain WP sites. Not only that, but it has links to free downloads, interactive FAQs and the option to email the author direct with ANY questions on WordPress – unbeatable value for money!

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