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WordPress for online business

Posted on April 21, 2011 by

You can put your name, address, phone no. Then you can sell other people’s products with the affiliate system. Very clearly, you can’t use WP.com as a blog to earn money from Google AdSense, AdBrite, or various other PPC program. In this way, you can offer lots of affiliate products with just one address only. Its pretty easy. Those who read, it would be easier to remember cafe business.com than frills that behind.

your WP.com. But, you can use wp.com to generate money via the B2C (Business to Customer). Try offering, God willing there will be interested. 00tips.wordpress.comUsually we will provide the affiliate link. That way, we submit the results of our hard work to web affiliate is concerned. You can offer the installation link in your blogroll with a certain price. Well, with WP.com you can point potential visitors time promotion to your WP.com blog. For Example:

Here’s a little tip I created after buying domain PR 3.

Then create a special page that contains the how to order the product. Currently, the online cart does still not overly used in Indonesia, so while there’s not too important, you can use the manual way as above.

PS: If you want a serious online business, you should indeed install WordPress on your own.

Unless your blog have a high enough traffic and has a high PR, you can sell blogroll links with the higher price.

But give it a low price. This is very risky. I.e. Example of a B2C product sales and affiliate is or reseller.

Let’s talk about Search Engine Optimization in Joomla and WordPress also we talk about marketing and online business.. but it’s just like discussion so.. you can tell us what your opinion..
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