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WordPress or Blogger — Which to choose?

Posted on June 18, 2009 by Blog Design Journal

Let’s put this rumor to rest: It’s rumored that Google retains rights (copyright) to your content that you blog with them. This is false. You have the rights to your content, but Google keeps the rights for their intellectual property. Their terms of service explains this in detail. http://www.blogger.com/terms.g

Limitations of content. Google is authorized to limit, or even terminate your account when your content violates their service conditions. (This is not a factor for most writers, the permitted content is very broad – and is limited mainly to hate and illegal activities) Using WordPress, you host your blog on the hosting account that you possess. While you have power over your content, you may yet be bound to the restrictions of the TOS or terms that your web hosting company lays out.

Simplicity of Installation: It’s usually easier to install Blogger. If Fantastico is not included in your hosting service, it can be difficult to install WordPress unless you are comfortable using your server control panel and FTP.

Google is superior in terms of its customizable features. It is possible to revise the format of templates, designs, and layout much easier with Blogger. In the event the way your template initially looks is not adequate, you’ll have to use or learn PHP and HTML if you use WordPress.

Each platform offers dozens of templates; and private individuals have created even more template formats, with the numbers on the rise still. Most third-party templates are free, but they will accept donations. Don’t worry, they are polite about asking for contributions and any that I’ve seen do not spam you or require you to register — though they may request that you retain a very small and unobtrusive link to their website to help them out.

Other widely-used blog software types include Xanga, Drupal (major learning curve), Joomla, and much more.

No charge blog hosting can be found at wordpress.com, Blogger, Myspace, TypePad, and many more.

In the final analysis, it truly is based on the amount of control you desire to have over the look and functionality your site, as well as your tech-savviness. For those familiar with HTML, and willing to learn the relatively simple PHP, WordPress is a good bet. For those simply wishing to begin a blog, or those on a budget, opt for Google.

Stephen Grisham, Sr. is a copy writer for InfoServe Media, LLC. If You are looking for web designers, Houston is the place to go. If you already have a website, InfoServe Media also offers expert website maintenance.

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