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WordPress Your Way – Customize Your Site to Increase Readership, Automate Social Media & Amp Your Reach (Writing Skills)

Posted on August 10, 2013 by Blog Design Journal

Build Your Website in an Hour – and Make It Uniquely Yours

Unless you love coding, there’s no reason to build your website on any platform other than WordPress. WordPress is free, it’s easy to use, it’s highly customizable, and your site can be up-and-running within an hour. What’s not to like?

Written using non-technical terms and language, this guide will walk you through a typical WordPress installation then jump off into how you can use WordPress’ built-in features and functions to make it YOURS.

What you’ll learn in this book:
how to install WordPress
how to change layouts (themes)
mobile apps for iPad blogging
how to set up your RSS feed
where to find free WordPress themes
how to set up Google Analytics
photo apps for adding images to WordPress posts
how to choose the best categories
how to use WordPress tags
how to use Pages and Posts
how to upload, edit and add images
how to use widgets
how to safeguard against hackers
how to create a unique favicon
how to setup a gravatar
how to build a custom menu
free plugins that extend functionality
how to increase reader participation

You’ll learn all of this – and much more – without having to learn coding.

WordPress Your Way is THE Guide to Behind-the-Scenes Tweaks

With tens of thousands of free themes for WordPress and thousands of plugins, you can amp WordPress to a whole new level. Your site will look like it was designed by a pro and it will have your unique look and feel. With this guide you can choose the best settings, the must-have plugins, the customizable features, and the “do it your way” look and feel that makes the site uniquely YOU.

Join the millions who have discovered the ease of building a professional-looking, highly customizable website in 60 minutes or less. Then show off your stuff by turning a plain vanilla site into one that reflects your business, your personality, your platform.

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3 to “WordPress Your Way – Customize Your Site to Increase Readership, Automate Social Media & Amp Your Reach (Writing Skills)”

  1. Scott J. Patterson says:

    Great Guide for WordPress Beginners – Full of Helpful Tricks As a full-time online marketer, I’m always looking to improve my skills in a variety of ways. One thing I’m looking to do is tweak the quality and appearance of my WordPress blog. That’s what attracted me to Nancy’s “WordPress Your Way” guide.What you get with this eBook is the perfect WordPress how-to system. Not only does Nancy show you how to build a website using WP, she goes into specific detail on different ways to tweak it.Specifically, I like her recommendations of the many tools and plugins that give your WordPress site a professional look. This is the perfect recipe for taking an ‘amateur’ blog to the next level. With “WordPress Your Way,” you get a complete system for creating a website that readers will love!

  2. Dave Phillips says:

    Quick overview Short and sweet, this is a quick overview of the potential for WordPress. Read this if you don’t have any experience with WordPress, but don’t expect this to be the one and only book you’ll read to begin serious site building.Thanks to the author for brevity. Consider adding a list of books which you would recommend for those of us intending to develop professional sites.

  3. Dave "Homebrew Hendricks" says:

    WordPress It’s been a while since I built a WordPress site and I was not looking forward to digging through all my notes on how to do it, in order to set up the new one I have in mind. One of the problems with many online endeavors is sifting through the information overload that fills the net.This book is a very good guide for setting up a WordPress blog. It’s clear and concise and easy to follow. Are there a bazillion more bells, whistles, widgets, plugins, etc., etc, available to add to your blog, than are covered here? Absolutely! Do you really need them all or even need to know about all of them? Absolutely NOT!If you set up your blog using this one book as your guide, you will have a perfectly secure, workable, practical site. Then, if you want to add all sorts of doohickeys to it later, you’ll have a solid, basic site to add them to.I highly recommend this to any website building newbie. It’s also a very good reference for more experienced builders. Because it is always easy to forget a crucial step or detail, and you won’t miss one of them, if you follow this book.Other books by this author are: , , and

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