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You Need a New Smartphone. How to Sell Your Old One

Posted on January 24, 2012 by Blog Design Journal

Blog designers now need to keep up with smartphone technology. Clients now need for us to incorporate QR codes, automated texting, and a host of other technology with their sites. So we need to know and use the latest technology ourselves.

That means we can no longer wait for our cell phone providers to give us new “free” phones every two years when we sign a new contract. As a blog designer you need to move up to iPhone and Android and keep moving up as technology advances.

So what do you do with those older mobile phones? Do you toss them out? Donate them for emergency use? Or sell them to get back some cash to defray the cost of constantly updating?

Here is the best way to sell your older mobile phone: Trade it in on SellMyMobile.com. They compare and show you the current prices for 400+ models of mobile phones, so you know what is the best price you can get for your phone.

I had no idea what the going rates were for mobile phones like mine, and I find eBay more confusing than helpful for that kind of info. Who knows which prices are realistic there?

From now on, SellMyMobile is where I plan to go to sell my phone.

Take a look. I think you will want to do the same.

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