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Your Questions About Best Blog Design

Posted on May 22, 2011 by Blog Design Journal

James asks…

What is the best way to learn web design/ blog design?

I am an artist. I graduated from college with my BFA about 5 years ago. I am currently interested in learning how to design web sites/ blogs. Where can I find good and trustworthy material to learn about these types of designs? Any websites or books would be helpful. Thanks.

Blog Design Journal answers:

Well, first you need to know what to look for. As the site gets bigger and better, you will have to know more of these:
PHP or Perl or Python or Ruby or ASP or ASP.NET or JSP or Coldfusion
SQL with MySQL or Oracle or SQL Server or some other DBMS
Adobe Flash/Flex/Actionscript
XML/XML languages

Then, you need to know what software to use. I can help you find their sites if you need, but here’s a list of their names: NetBeans IDE, HTML-Kit, Eclipse IDE, OpenOffiice.org, FileZilla, Paint.NET, Inkscape, Safari, Google Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Internet Explorer.

Then, you need to know where to learn it. For that, check out these sites:





Feel free to email me if you have any questions. Good luck!

Chris asks…

What is the best BLOG design for what I want?

I want to make a BLOG about teachers of my university, in which students could comment about the positive/negative things of each teacher without the need to register.

I would like to have a menu, organized by major, and then each class.
then the names of the teachers
and next to each name, a rating from 0 to 5 stars that updates with each vote from students.

P.S I do not have knowledge of programmin web sites, so I need something automatic.

Thank you
@ Colanth:
Learning would be nice, but I dont have time, I am studing a major that is not related to web design,… so I need something simple.. I was wondering if there is something, with a menu at the front, because I remember that in sites like Blogspot you make an article and then with the time it dissapears from the homepage (you have to search it by date)
PS. By the way I didnt give you the thumbs down

Blog Design Journal answers:

The best thing would be learning. That project doesn’t lend itself to blog format, and I doubt that you’d find any program you could just drop in that would do what you want.

Lisa asks…

How to best promote a web design and SEO blog?

I am not a newbie at SEO or Web Design, but I am always looking for new ideas to help build traffic for my new blog http://ottawa-webdesign.com/blog/

I am looking for answers from experienced SEO enthusiasts or fellow blog owners – what traffic generation techniques do you feel work the best.

Thanks for your input!

Blog Design Journal answers:

Couple suggestions for you…

1) http://canada.webdesignfinders.net/ add your website to this directory.

2) You need to get a lot more backlinks, so far it looks like you only have 5 and they’re mostly from Yahoo Answers. Start posting on relevant dofollow blogs, signing up for forums and maybe writing some articles for ezine, or something. Be sure to make your anchor text Ottawa Web Design, or whatever keywords you are trying to rank for.

3) Write some awesome articles on your blog and social bookmark them like crazy. Start a tweeter feed, that kind of thing.

4) You’re using wordpress so download the Platinum SEO Plugin; it’ll help your cause.

5) Change your description to include your keywords and throw your keywords in your article headers, content etc…

Here are some places to get backlinks….




Trust me start building backlinks via these methods with anchored keyword text and you’ll be ranking in no time!

Also you could check out my blog for more info. Just starting out : )

Mary asks…

Which blog website has the most readers and the best design?

I want to start my blog. but i am not sure where i should I start.
I don’t want those websites for making friends like myspace and facebook. I want a blog that has a lot of choice in design and I can share music, video and articles with people around the world.

Blog Design Journal answers:

The best place for blog advice is here:

He has an e-book available for download and he explains everything you need to know.

My tips:
Don’t use something like blogspot or a free service, get hosting and a domain then it’s much more professional.
Use wordpress (www.wordpress.com), it’s sort of the software for your blog. It’s all pre designed so all you need to do is add the entries. The designs can be changed by the way to add a logo or whatever.

Good luck.

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