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Posted on May 16, 2011 by Blog Design Journal

Mary asks…

Picking a WordPress theme?

I’m making a WordPress website. I want it to look similar to this:


Not “design-wise” of course, as thats his own photos, but can you help me by telling me the name of a theme on WordPress that’s most similar like that.

And if not, how can I get it in that design? (In which, I mean the header ALL THE WAY to the top, Main Menu, Archrives, Search Blog, etc.)

Blog Design Journal answers:

It looks like a custom theme. If you go on the page and right click>view source it brings up the code. You can then either click on the CSS link (in firefox) or cut and paste the CSS source in any other browser into the URL and it takes you to the CSS.

WP themes that are public will have a header in the CSS stating who made it, what it’s call, what version, etc. This one does not. So I’m assuming that it is a custom theme.

Laura asks…

Looking for a design layout for wordpress…?

I want something that is set up scrapbook style like:



Are there other blog systems that have a template like this (other than tumblr)?

Blog Design Journal answers:

WorddPress can be used to do practically anything – with the right template check out this link for reviews of WordPress Free Template sites http://HowToTravelTips.info

Mark asks…

CREATIVIY. I need help looking for a decent Art blog help ??getting frustated.?

I know it doesn’t have to be perfect but I’m looking for a name to my blog, I don’t even thing is so important but I need the name for the URL and blog (=) So that I can start it.

My blog is going to be using WordPress.com and it involves art such as photography, music, haute couture, styling, interior design, etc…
I really like MOODBOARD, but it is alrady taken for someone who did pretty much same topics only that mine are going to be better ;) ….

I need something related to Moodboard, any ideas? thanks!

Blog Design Journal answers:

How about trying to play with the words
like sultryboard
try looking at an online thesaurus I looked up synonyms for mood and board and there arent any

when you are trying for a name sometimes it help to just add one letter keep trying good luck.

William asks…

Need AJAX Programmer for a WordPress Theme – HELP!?

I have a website that i’m wanting to convert over to a WordPress blog – and need an experienced programmer that can do this very quickly (Will pay very well)

I’m wanting to keep all the effects i’m currently using (I’m using MooFX) – but simply need to have the whole site be wordpress driven.

Is there anyone out there that can do this and is up for the project? I need this done within the next few days.

I didn’t post this up on a place like eLance or anything, becuase I’ve never had good luck hiring people off places like that.

Hope to find a diamond in the rough here on Yahoo Answers.

Before posting your reply, please view my site to confirm that you can indeed turn this design over into a WordPress driven theme.

My site is at: http://www.DatingTraining.com

Thank you so much!

Blog Design Journal answers:

=========== MESSAGE # 2 ======================

Hi Parker, I spoke with my programmer, Akshay and he reviewed your post and wants you to contact him by email. He’s ready to go for you and he can have you moving in the timeframe that you need. Email him at: akshay_pandya2004@yahoo.ca and make sure you indicate that Paquita sent you and he will remember you indefinately! … Good luck and please let me know how things turn out.

=========== MESSAGE # 1 ======================

Hi, my name is Paquita … I will have my Sr. Programmer of our company review your website and get back to you in specfic details. He is very good and has worked for my companies for many years. His name is Akshay. He will be in touch with you shortly. I’m forwarding your post on Answers over to him. Just mention my name, Paquita and he’ll remember who you are since I’m referring you over to him.

Thank you and Good Luck … My programmer is awesome!

Much Love,
Peace & Happiness

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