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Your Questions About Blog Design WordPress Com

Posted on May 17, 2011 by Blog Design Journal

John asks…

How do I design a photo?

I want to make a banner for my blog but mine aren’t as good as some I’ve seen. I want to make one like the banner at gagadaily.com (its the first thing you see) mine isn’t that good but I tried, here is my banner chipeninthefame.wordpress.com does anybody know how to make really nice banners like this? any good programs you recommend? Preferred: Free programs
Please make sure they can make banners like the one on gagadaily.com I want a really nice banner. thank you!

Blog Design Journal answers:

Free online sites to make banners:











Daniel asks…

Couple questions about wordpress?

Whats uncategorized mean? Should I make my blog categorized?

Also I bought a .com name and trying to design the site with wordpress, I heard that’s possible. Did I hear right, Is it possible? How do I go about linking my .com name with my wordpress page and make the two one? Do I do it when I get a host for my .com name? Haven’t gone through that part yet. Also I’d like to add a field where people can go to my site and enter info about themselves; email address along with attached photos and what not, brief description of themselves and what not.. basically fill out an application on my site, is that possible with wordpress? thanks.

Blog Design Journal answers:

Uncategorized means that your post is in a category called “Uncategorized.” When you post to your blog, you have the option to place the posts into categories, which you can create from the Post section in your WordPress Dashboard. You don’t have to place your posts into categories, but if you would like to, the option is there.

If you’re using WordPress.com to host your blog, you would have to purchase domain mapping for $9.97, which would allow you to use your domain name with your blog. WordPress.com also enables you to purchase a domain name, as well.

If you have the self hosted version of WordPress, you may be able to use your domain name with your webhost. I would suggest that you check with your webhost about how to go about doing that.

Good luck and I hope I helped you!

Betty asks…

Would you pay to have your own blog?

There are a lot of blogs out there but they aren’t the .blogspot.com or .wordpress.com kind. What I found out was they’re paid for and ‘self-hosted’ as the term describes them. Many are beautifully designed. So I wonder, would you pay to have your own blog?

Blog Design Journal answers:

Blogspot suits me fine , my blog is read mostly by friends. If your after a large audience I think it makes sense to “self-host” and have a site where your not competing for attention with others. Agingurbanpunk.blogspot.com

William asks…

Any good blogs to follow?

Hey, I’m a teenage guy looking for some cool blogs to follow. I’m into technology, urban design, humor and the news. Any good ideas?

Also, I’d love it if you subscribed to my blog: walrusnoise.wordpress.com
Thanks! :)

Blog Design Journal answers:


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