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Your Questions About Blog Design WordPress Com

Posted on May 18, 2011 by Blog Design Journal

Paul asks…

How do i use my downloaded themes on wordpress?

Okay, so I just started blogging on wordpress.com. I’m a little late..I know. But anyway, there are about 100 themes that you can choose from, and I’m already bored with them. I found all of these themes to download..that are actually from the wordpress website, I just don’t know what to do with them after I download them. I know a little about web design and computer coding, but…I feel that is a little too complex for the every day user. Is that seriously what I am supposed to do, or is there a way to just upload it to my person blog site?

Blog Design Journal answers:

You cannot upload any themes to your WordPress.com blog unless you have your own domain using wordpress hosted on your domain. You can only use the themes supplied.

Charles asks…

I would like to open my own web page, to serve as a ‘shop window’ for things I sell.?

I have tried really hard using Google and have achieved a blog page with wordpress.com, but just can’t get my head round upgrading to owning a web page and platform and designing what I want. Any help to simplify all this, or any name of a company who can do it for me. Also I don’t know what sort of charge is correct for this type of service. Pulling my hair out after many late nights.

Blog Design Journal answers:


A wordpress theme with an online store should cost you about 500$. You don’t have to pay monthly and no fees selling products.
Visit www.miranidesign.com and drop me a mail if you are interested.

Warm regards,

James asks…

Would you rather your company ended your healthcare or raised your rates because of th added cost of Obamacare?

AARP Blames ObamaCare for Hike in Employee Health Insurance Costs



ObamaCare was designed to Eliminate Private Health Care Insurance, Not to Lower Costs

ObamaCare was designed to Eliminate Private Health Care Insurance, Not to Lower Costs
Mega-firms such as AT&T, Caterpillar, John Deere and Verizon are among those that are either considering ending coverage for their employees or have already chosen to do so.



Blog Design Journal answers:

They have been jacking up rates for 30 years, Gomer.

If you had a job, you would have known that.

Steven asks…

What are some good web design trends for 2010?

I found these awesome WordPress theme trends from WDL.com.I found these trends to be really inspirational for my own blog. The author gives website examples for each new trend. Any others web design trends besides the following?:

1. Oversized logos / headers
2. Sketch hand-drawn design
3. Slab typefaces
4. Typography
5. One-page layouts
6. Huge images
7. Change of perspective (from desktop to something refreshingly new)
8. Interactive/intuitive design
9. Modal boxes
10. Minimalism
11. Oversized footer
12. Retro
13. Intro boxes
14. Magazine layouts
The website is actually WebDesignLedger.com (WDL).

Blog Design Journal answers:

It all depends on what kind of purpose your website/blog is serving. Online marketers that pretty-looking sites don’t sell. Colors are important. On top of that, every site is supposed to be user-friendly, easy to navigate and sometimes interactive.

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