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Posted on May 19, 2011 by Blog Design Journal

Sharon asks…

Making a website for school newspaper, design?

I am making a website for my high school newspaper. I need to know what I should do for design. I have heard the programs WordPress and Dreamweaver and Fireworks, but I’m not exactly sure how those work.

I don’t have a domain and cannot purchase one now.

If anyone could offer any suggestions on what program could make a very functional and outstanding website (remember, not a blog, a website, for a newspaper, so something that is like Cnn.com)

Any help is appreciated, thanks again!

Blog Design Journal answers:

Make a Webpage:

Full Web Building Tutorials: http://www.w3schools.com/
Beginner’s HTML Tutorial: http://www.htmlbasix.com/
How to Create a Webpage: http://www.make-a-web-site.com/
HTML Tutorial: http://www.hypergurl.com/whatishtml.html
So You Want To Set Up Your First Site, Huh?: http://www.htmlgoodies.com/tutorials/getting_started/article.php/3479561
More info: http://www.hypergurl.com/
Web Site Blog: http://www.instant-web-site-tools.com/blog/


How to Start / Create Your Own Website: The Beginner’s A-Z Guide: http://www.thesitewizard.com/gettingstarted/startwebsite.shtml
So, you want to make a Web Page!: http://www.pagetutor.com/html_tutor/index.html




Carol asks…

Word Press domain name question?

I want to sign up for a Word Press blog. When I started to sign up, it gave me the option of myname.wordpress.com OR myname.com for $17/year. I would like to own myname.com, but if I sign up through Word Press, will they own it or will I? If I want the ability to design a website and host it at myname.com in the future, will I be able to or will Word Press have rights over it?

Blog Design Journal answers:

The safest way is using a web host supporting wordpress. This way you have your own domain name. You can use it with wordpress or design your own website.

Refer to:


Hope this helps.

Nancy asks…

Adding rss feed to website…?

Hi, I am relatively new with web design. and I had a couple questions. Any help would be GREATLY appreciated. Basically I am confused as to how to add an rss feed to my index.html and then have the “Read All News” button that links the user to a “news.html” page of my website (the news page just being a full feed of my rss.

I am looking for the EXACT setup that is used on Affliction Clothing’s website. (http://www.afflictionclothing.com)

I am using a self hosted wordpress blog.

I know this is a pretty broad question but any help would be GREATTTTLLY appreciated. I have a site that is actually very similar to afflictionclothing.com ( has javascript image rotator and all) and am looking to add my rss feeds in the same manner that they did. THANK YOU SO MUCH IN ADVANCE!

Blog Design Journal answers:


Use any of these free online RSS makers. I like feedburner.com.








Introduction to RSS (Really Simple Syndication): http://www.htmlgoodies.com/beyond/webmaster/article.php/3845761

Hope those are still active links.



Steven asks…

How to add ONLY wordpress posts to an iframe on my personal website?

I have designed a website, where I plan on having a dedicated section for my blog posts inside of an iframe. I will personally design ad spaces, categegories, tags, and archives also. How do I only add ONLY the add posts section to an already existing iframe on my website. an exapmle of my site is below. Can someone please help me?

This is an expample —> http://i626.photobucket.com/albums/tt348/fwfats/pagecopy.gif

Blog Design Journal answers:

Tweak your tag, here is the code example:

setting the border to 0 gets rid of it, allowing the page to seamlessly integrate with your main page. Possible values are 1 (yes) and 0 (no), you cannot give it a bigger border.
adds a margin to the sides of the framed page.
adds the margin to the top and bottom of the framed page. Added to any margins you’ve given the pages in their tags.
if the framed page is too big for the dimensions you’ve specified a scrollbar will appear. This attribute will stop this from happening.
like the image attribute, this will affect how the text around the frame aligns itself.
sets a margin of white space around the frame to the sides.
sets a white-space margin to the top and bottom.

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