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Your Questions About Blog Design WordPress Free

Posted on May 10, 2011 by Blog Design Journal

Laura asks…

About reason to select for the blog hosting service?

Hello. I’ve just begun a free hosting service of wordpress.
I’m now thinking how to attract people to use; even I’ve prepared 5,000 designs already.
I wanna ask you. What are the main functions to choose the blog service?
I wanna refer & improve. Thanks.

Blog Design Journal answers:

Most bloggers are looking to host their blogs for Free. They can earn money from adsense from their blogs. Blogs must be search engines optimized. You can refer to this blog-hosting http://www.blog-author.com

Donald asks…

What do I need to learn to code/create and maintain a blog?

I know there are free services out there (of which I use both WordPress and Tumblr) BUT want to learn the code myself and become a sophisticated blog creator. I have really cool designs but again, want to be sophisticated about it and use as much code to replace digital art files where appropriate.

Anyone out there with knowledge on the subject, please share insight, and hopefully list “coding languages” from easy to advanced (so that I can learn in proper order without overwhelming myself).


Blog Design Journal answers:

Just want to second what the first guy said, start out with basic HTML to create your framework, learn a bit of CSS so you can format and make it “pretty”, then learn some PHP to make it dynamic and tie it in with a MySQL database to store the information. A little bit of JavaScript will help you as well as it’s a client side scripting language and can perform a few nifty functions.

James asks…

Estimates for web design help?

I’m in the process of developing a business plan for a web-based business mainly focused on providing free content via regularly published articles (like a blog) and e-commerce products such as e-books etc. I’d like to launch my website as soon as possible so that I can start building a community and a reputation in my niche, but know very little about the tech side of things. I have purchased a domain name and am fairly knowledgable about self-hosting, but I’d like to power my website using WordPress and Thesis, of which I know very little. Does anyone have a price estimate for how much it should cost to have someone else build me a basic website using Thesis and WordPress? Or would it be fairly straightforward for me to just teach myself? I guess I’m down to whether the time or the money is more valuable.

Blog Design Journal answers:

First of all, your last sentence really caught my attention because that’s a huge issue that I’m dealing with myself right now–time. How much is it worth? Check out this link http://www.realsimple.com/work-life/money/money-or-time-00000000031091/index.html

Anyway, that was kinda off topic. Sorry.

First off I’m not quite sure if you are making a website for yourself or a blog for your client, either way, here are my two cents:

If you are planning to have an unusually large amount of data on your site then an option that I find has suited me well has been Amazon’s S3 services–http://aws.amazon.com/s3/ They have excellent rates and are very reliable (though not very user-friendly to the non-techie’s like us).

I don’t use WordPress personally, though I have heard that it is fairly easy to use. I have a good WordPress ebook though on my website (free of course) http://www.website-help-from-ebook.com/blogging_ebooks.html It’s called “WordPress blogging book”. I’m sorry, Thesis unfortunately I don’t know much at all about.

I personally use SiteSell.com for all of my website/blog needs. They have the option to use a block-by-block builder, or you can upload your own html page(s). They provide constant, genuine support in their forums. Not to mention if you look them up at SiteSell.com they rank 469 today, so that should speak for itself.

They have a page where you can compare them to Yahoo and 1$1.com–http://compare.sitesell.com/whfe.html And a page where they can give you information about their services to do it for you–http://services.sitesell.com/whfe.html

Learning yourself is an extremely rewarding way of doing anything, but it’s going to be up to decide if you want to spend a little money for good results, or risk it yourself.

I hope I have been a little help with you dilemma, if not, feel free to email me with another question or problem JaredCarrizales@website-help-from-ebooks.com

You sure do have a long road ahead of you, but from your question you seem like you have the conviction to stick it out. Best of luck to you Amber!

Betty asks…

how can i make a website?

i want to make a website (which should contain atleast a homepage and atleast 8 link pages, and comment box, html coding (so you can put pictures animations and cursours and etc) is there any websites which could help you to make a website like i wanted. i dont need a blog, like wordpress. i need a web site with web pages comment box and link pages. and i want to design them, like i want to put animations cursours and pictures and ofcourse texts.
is there anyway that you could do this for FREE? please help me! please i really want to make a website about my old village

Blog Design Journal answers:

Go to www . Bravehost . Com (without the spaces) very good hosting and i think they will guide u through making your site, P.S MAKEME BEST ANSWER PLZ! Thnx

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