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Your Questions About Blog Design WordPress Theme

Posted on May 11, 2011 by Blog Design Journal

Sharon asks…

WordPress theme design need help?


I using WordPress for my blog. In the Header i lay the Category Menu.

I want when click in a category, In a right Bar will display a list link of all post in that category. A link has a icon which i choose when i write that post.

Please tell me how to do it? Tell me a plugin for that or Code of the bar which i need add to my site?( and how editing themes for that, editing PHP file and Css?).

I really need your help.

Dear, good luck to you and forget me not.

Blog Design Journal answers:

I know what you’re trying to do. What theme are you using?

Michael asks…

How do I implement my custom-designed theme for a wordpress site?

I’ve created a mock layout in photoshop of how I want the layout to my wordpress site (it’s for a DJ).

How can I assure that this theme will work in the actual blog? How do I install it and will it restrict any plug-ins?

Blog Design Journal answers:

How to start a blog

Learn how to create a blog. This article walks you through the basics of choosing a blog system, setting up your blog, getting traffic to your blog, and making money from your blog.

Read the full article here:


Some Themes: http://smashapps.blogspot.com/2009/06/20-most-elegant-free-blogger-templates.html

Tips: http://smashapps.blogspot.com/2009/06/top-10-important-tips-for-beginner.html

Top 10 Template Generators for Blogs and Websites: http://mashable.com/2007/11/18/10-template-generators/

Blogger Template Generator: http://gosublogger.com/2008/02/blogger-template-generator/

WordPress Blog Template Generator: http://www.teknobites.com/2007/11/02/wordpress-blog-template-generator/

How to add Social Networking Buttons Below Every Post: http://bloggerstop.net/2008/12/how-to-add-social-networking-buttons-to.html

How to Make WordPress Themes (video): http://themetation.com/2008/07/14/how-to-create-wordpress-themes-from-scratch-part-1/

How to Move a WordPress Blog to a New Domain?: http://www.selaplana.com/2009/01/16/how-to-move-a-wordpress-blog-to-a-new-domain/

Gallifrey Image Gallery WordPress Plugin: http://www.bin-co.com/blog/2009/07/gallifrey-image-gallery-wordpress-plugin/

Maria asks…

How do you edit the “next page” and “previous page” links on a wordpress theme?

I’m designing my own WordPress theme from scratch and I can’t seem to figure out how to edit the next and previous page links to allow users to go to my older blog post. Anyone can provide a step-by-step tutorial for me? Thanks! :)

Blog Design Journal answers:

This is the basic syntax:

A marginally-more elegant solution, using two separate calls:

You may, of course, dress these up however your theme demands.

David asks…

How change themes in WordPress?

I got a wordpress website blog thing. When I click on design, a bunch of themes come up. When I click on one, it shows me a preview. How do I actually choose it though!

Blog Design Journal answers:

Just double click on the preview and then it should change and say Current Theme and then the preview of the theme you chose.

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