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Your Questions About Blog Theme Ideas

Posted on February 22, 2011 by Blog Design Journal

Linda asks…

Can anyone help me find Circus outfit similar to the ones Britney Spears wears for halloween?

any ideas links accessories clothes stores outfits or anything like that would help.
Im looking for something similar or along the lines of this http://monicamonroe.com/blog/wp-content/uploads/2009/04/britney_spears_circus_tour_getty.jpg
not exactly the same. just anything that would go with Britney’s circus theme.
Can anyone help?

Blog Design Journal answers:

I am a costume designer at a costume shop in Renton, Washington, and earlier this year I made a sexy marching band costume. It has the sort of look that you’re after. This item is available for rent.

Ken asks…

unique nursery painting ideas?

I am starting on little baby boy’s nursery and want to use blue but would love to put some neat paint on (at least ) one wall. I plan on doing blue but would also like to spice it up. I like stripes but am not crazy about blue stripes. What are some pretty painting ideas? Also, what are some cute boy themes or bedding you have seen? I posted one l like but think blue would be too much (I want to use blue)


Blog Design Journal answers:

It depends how unique you are willing to go. If you want something modern you can do a Geometric room without getting “theme” like.

Here are a few geometric ideas:





But if you like something more themed like here are some random ideas:






I always though the classic pooh was cute which you can find at target.

Also Baby Gap now has nursery items that I find to be adorable:


Just another crazy idea but my friend did a Dr.Seuss themed bedroom which I thought was really unique. She had a local cheap artist come in and do the characters on the wall and she bought all nursery stuff like bedding, lamps, mobile online. Came out amazing.

Jenny asks…

i want a theme to start bloging?

i want to start my own blog
i am a good cook and have my recipe blog.
but i want to spend more time in blogging
i want a topic idea from you.
can u pls tell me your areas of interest?

Blog Design Journal answers:

Start a ranting blog. Just rant and rave about things that p*ss you off. Do you have pets? Start on about your pets. Or what about your job? Just do anything, and it’ll set off.

Lizzie asks…

food review gimmick ideas?

What theme, gimmick, etc. would make you want to read a food review blog/website regularly?

Blog Design Journal answers:


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