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Your Questions About Blog Theme Ideas

Posted on February 25, 2011 by Blog Design Journal

Donald asks…

How can I contact FAILED Avon reps (esp in the Phoenix Az Area)?

Im thinking about writing a book (or maybe a blog) about business and one of the most common themes in business is FAILURE. Avon and Mary Kay seemed like a great place to start because of high recruitment and (not quite as high but still quite high) attrition. Any Ideas?

Blog Design Journal answers:

Try writing an article about it to promote your book. At hubpages you can create great looking articles and add polls and different things to get feedback from your target audience. You can view an example of a Hubpages article in my sources.

Jenny asks…

What are some softwares similar to Artisteer? But it’s free, is there any?

I want to make theme or template for my wordpress blog, but artisteer isn’t free, it’s shareware.
Any idea?

Blog Design Journal answers:

Kompozer – is about the nearest open source equivalent that springs to mind.

Have a look – no harm done there.

Maria asks…

Bedroom Ideas for a cream room?

I have cream walls, and my furniture looks like this blog.bedding-wizard.co.uk

What colors should my bedding and accessories be, so that everything matches, and the room brightens up. I’m a teen girl, and everything in my room is just plain boring and nothing matches. Any good color themes? Please help, and pictures would be great!

Blog Design Journal answers:

Red usually goes well with cream shades.
It depends on the look your going for if you want mature go with burgundys, reds, and marrons.
A more fresh and lively look would be to add pops pastels.
(pinks, lime greens, and blues.)
Cream is usually a very workable color— most things can go with it.
It’s important to pick one color scheme.
Hope it helps! :)
(The link below can help you find a color scheme)

Joseph asks…

Question for Diehard Elton John Fans, Tumbleweed Connection?

I’m a huge fan of Elton John’s album _Tumbleweed Connection_ It’s really a progressive rock album based on a Country & Western theme. I want to write a blog on it but I’m having trouble finding a good site to get info on it. Also, was it Elton John or Bernie Taupin who had the idea for the Country & Western theme for the album? IIRC, EJ had a fascination for the old american west and wanted to write a C&W album about it.

Blog Design Journal answers:

Congratulations for your appreciation for one of Elton’s most under appreciated but finest albums. A remarkable song suite, I have always felt a facination for the old west was something they must have shared, but credit must be given to Bernie Taupin for crafting the stories that Elton laid the melodies down to.


Come down in time

My Father’s Gun

…a thematic album about the American Old West (a Taupin fascination) that allowed John to rock out on several numbers. There are no hits here (!) but the album stands up well two decades later on. * * * *

- William Ruhlmann, The All-Music Guide to Rock, 1995.

Elton John has always had a jones for the mythology of the American West. Along with lyricist Bernie Taupin, he indulges his cowboy fantasies in songs such as “Burn Down the Mission.” “Amoreena” plays unforgettably in the opening scene of the Al Pacino film Dog Day Afternoon.

Tumbleweed Connection was chosen as the 463rd greatest album of all time by the editors of Rolling Stone magazine in Dec. 2003.

- Rolling Stone, 12/11/03.

Hope this helps a little

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