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Your Questions About Blog Theme Ideas

Posted on February 26, 2011 by Blog Design Journal

Charles asks…

how to do it !!!? in blog ???

well , people are asking me where to post their comments on my blog‘s page.


to be honest it’s hard to tell where to click so the comment area comes out ..

if you can see on the right side of the post there are small red circle , if you click on it , it will take you to the comments area .. as you can see it’s hard .. do you have any idea on how to solve this problem ?… before you solve the problem let me tell you that i tired to make small pic just like that and write on the pic word ” comments ” and then replace it ( overwrite it ) with the old pic on the theme folder and name it the same name … but it didn’t work at all the pic was out of the line and made my blog page look very BAD ..

so please if you got any simple easy idea to solve this problem I would appricate it . thank you .

Blog Design Journal answers:

Email me the template files. I will look over them and send them back.

Keep attepting to correct by yourself.

Option3. Post part of the code you are having trouble with here. And i’ll try to help from that.

Look foward to hearing from you again to hopefully resolve the gastly button.

Donald asks…

ideas on youtube videos?

I’m thinking of start posting videos up on youtube.
I want to hear a list of themes that I could use to make videos.
I want it to be kind of like a blog type of thing. I basically want to talk about my everyday life, but I want to find out what exactly what I want to talk about and stuff..
Have any ideas??

oh yeah, how do i look in this video?lol it’s my first video and i recorded myself for a friend…


Blog Design Journal answers:

Lol I don’t think people will be interested in your everyday life. BUT. If you want people to watch your videos, make something that will benefit them. Like…make up tutorials, hair, fashion, style. Or make something that will humor them. Like comedy, anything. Be creative. But if you really want to talk about your everyday life for the world to know…then at least make it interesting.

also. I watched your video. You’re so pretty! Here’s a tip though, set the camera down so it won’t be shaky.

If your videos are interesting, i’ll subscribe :D

Chris asks…

What is a good idea for a poll if you are wanting to look really “girly”?

I have made a blog and it is called “Drama Queens Notes”. So I am hoping to find a good poll that would sort of go with my “Drama Queen” theme?

Blog Design Journal answers:

Ask questions about cosmetics and apparel:

What kind/type of purse do you normally carry?
What’s your regular shade of eye-shadow/lip-gloss/finger or toenail polish
Do you dye your hair or stick with your natural color?

Nancy asks…

Invitation Design? The theme is Luau?

I have to make a few desgin for my high school back to school dance
Here are a few pictures, which one do you think will suit the best?
Lilo and Stitch






Which one do you think will be the best?
Well do you have any ideas?
I know it has nothing to do with Friend Section. but I notice you guys are mostly teenagers and you guys have a lot of great ideas. So ya, which invitation do you think is Sexy ^^ Thx

Blog Design Journal answers:

I like the second one best


i found these online that you might like!!!!




email me what u pick im curious!!!!!!!!!

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