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Your Questions About Blog Theme Ideas

Posted on February 28, 2011 by Blog Design Journal

Ken asks…

How do I put templates on blogger?

I have been doing this forever and I just can’t figure it out! =)

I am trying to put this template on my blog, ( http://www.templatelite.com/watercolor-free-wordpress-theme/ ), but I dont know how. I have downloaded it on my computer and tried to get it but I can’t. It says to get the html code but I have zero idea where or what that is.

please help step by step! Thanks.

Blog Design Journal answers:

Look for a template that is coded for ‘blogger’ not wordpress. Even if you upload the html code, it won’t work for blogger.

1. Download a ‘blogger’ template
2. Extract
3. Open the notepad file

In your blogger dashboard, click on:
1. Design
2. Edit HTML tab

Delete all the code you can see in the box (tip: copy paste all the code in a blank notepad. In case you do not like the new template, you can always copy + paste your old temp until you find the right design for your blog)

Copy all the code found in the downloaded template’s notepad, paste it in the empty box -> click PREVIEW to check. Once satisfied, do not forget to save your new blogger template.

Donna asks…

Do u think is a good idea to try to build a partecipative metablog?

For Metablog I do NOT intend a vlog speaking about blogs…

But a blog where a user can add a theme, a subcategory and a subject….so we would have 3 levels

es. level1 webdesign
level2 photos editing
level3 photoshop vs. liquid 9

level1 travel
level2 Switzerland
level3 travelling in the italian part of switzerland

so meta as a tassanomy: a category, a subcategory,and a subsubcategory

this is also the principle of the files in the folder, and the folders in the directories

…is always the same principle of the chineseboxes……..

So i tought why dont try to create a site where the user can enter just to leave a
theme(title)…..then an other user can go on this title or theme and create a categoty, then, under this category another user can enter and specify the subject and if he want cant leave a text about that subject, but if he dont want….can just nominate the subject and wait till another user get interested and write something about the same object…….

Blog Design Journal answers:

You’ve just described a bulletin board, of which there are plenty out there. Try http://www.invisionfree.com

Steven asks…

Does my blog look stupid?

I don’t know why, but it doesn’t feel quite right to me……. :/ Any ideas on how to spice it up? interesting topics, cool themes…something? Help D:


Blog Design Journal answers:

I like that album.
And, no it does not.

Nancy asks…

Media Project…Help?

I have to come up with a project proposal for Monday and I have no idea what to do anymore.
Our prof made us read this lame article on Artificial Intelligence (don’t ask) and we were supposed to apparently be “inspired” by it. Then he made us write a blog response to it. Obviously I wrote back saying I was opposed to the idea of robots taking over the world. That people need to start learning how to talk face to face again because we rely too much on computers and cellphones etc. And then listed some dumba–$$ project ideas. My theme was going to be recycling because it would be the opposite of robots in a way. I wrote down chessboard made of cardboard, a recyclible lamp and a bedazzle station for jeans. Yes, I’m aware they’re really dumb… like I said I have no inspiration out of this stupid article.
Anyway he wrote back saying he “loved” my chessboard idea and said nothing about the others (wth!?) and that I should try to incorporate my idea of people not talking to each other properly anymore.
The whole idea of the stupid article was like using technology to “spy” and “network” with people/things/places. Like if you walk by an intersection there’s a camera spying on you and it’ll send your cellphone a message like “i’m watching you” ridiculous cr@p like that…

Anyway PLEASE help I don’t know what to do anymore!!!!

And no I don’t have to create a lame robot. Also don’t ask what course this is because I already hate it and it’s a waste of my money and life. And no I can’t drop it, sadly.

Thanks :(

Blog Design Journal answers:

Your instructor has done everything but wipe your nose for you.
You were given an article to read, which you quickly dismissed as lame.
You then put a half-@ssed effort into project ideas, 2 of which had NOTHING even remotely possible as a connection to the artice.
Your instructor tried once again to fire up your mind by liking your cardboard chessboard idea, and suggested incorporating your idea of people not talking to each other properly anymore with it.

Your instructor is trying hard. Pity you are not doing the same.
Get OFF your lazy attitude, and TRY to pay attention.

Chess is an intellectual game. There is generally NO communication between the players.
Try re-reading that article once again, and PRETEND you are going to put some effort into learning something from it.
HOW can a chessboard be used to demonstrate non-communication between people?
HOW can you then tie in the non-communication between two chess players to AI? There have been computerized chess games for years…The computers often win…

So you’re opposed to robots taking over the world. WHY? You certainly aren’t making much argument for mankind having superior intelligence if your lack of effort here is any example…What will happen to the lazy and stupid people on the planet when robots DO take over the world? Robots are now being made in Japan to do MANY menial tasks that don’t take much in the way of brains. What will lazy and stupid people do when the robots are doing all the jobs that don’t require much effort or thinking?

What if your chessboard evolved to a form of communication besides just battle strategy? How could you make a chessboard that actually told the players something as they moved the pieces, like a “dating chessboard,” where each move communicated something between the players, because they were too shy to talk to each other?

You really only get out of education what you put into it. A lazy attitude will only hurt YOU, because once you leave High School, you will have to pay money to learn ANYTHING. It is more a waste of your money to not bother trying to learn from the class by criticizing it instead of TRYING to stretch your mind and imagination a bit…

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