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Your Questions About Blog Theme Ideas

Posted on March 01, 2011 by Blog Design Journal

Sharon asks…

What Are Some Christmas Topics That I Can Write About For My Blog?

I have a Christmas blog, and I write and share things that are Christmas related. Here are some topics I’ve already done: Recipes, Christmas Tree Themes, Stocking Stuffer Ideas.

Blog Design Journal answers:

Christmas Party Songs
How To Tell Kids That Santa Doesn’t Exist ;]
Cool Christmas Traditions (you could ask a question on here for ideas)
How To Display Christmas Cards
How to Wrap Presents Perfectly
How To Spend Wisely During the Recession
Santa Claus In Different Languages

Jenny asks…

Facebook/Blogging/Social Media/Social Networking?

My biggest question is how to get more people to read my blog and become followers? I just started a blog on blogger.com and am curious as to how people will find me/my blog. I’ve done some research but basically, I want PEOPLE!!! :) Like I said I just started, but I want to make sure I start off on the right foot. I know I have to have a particular idea/theme for my blog to stick to. I just have to figure out what it will be.
Here is my blog http://southernorangecounty.blogspot.com/ – please give me some ideas? Anything will be helpful. Thanks!!

Blog Design Journal answers:

Here are a few things I noted within 2 minutes:
- no visible categories or tags: you MUST have one or the other if not both
- like you said, you need a specific direction
- very little content: you don’t write a blog to make it popular, you make it popular by writing to it
- only one outside link

You might benefit from a beginner course on SEO (search engine optimization). One is available at http://responder.juzaz.com/?l=GYWK

Paul asks…

Has anyone tried Google AdSense in their blog?

Has anyone tried Google adsense in their blogspot/blogger and had success?
I know it only it has great success if you have great traffic but like what topics/themes of blogs have better success?
Has anyone had problems with Adsense in their blogs?
What exactly are “fraud clicks” how can that be avoided?
I don’t have a blog but I think it’s probably the easiest way to set up a website and add Adsense.
I am a college student and I am trying to make extra money and I want to start a blog with Adsense. Any Ideas?

Blog Design Journal answers:

You could start a blog but just start a free site that you update regularly I make about 10-20 a day on my site with adsense and is very easy to maintain. Http://www.meemshockeygalaxy.page.tl/

Mark asks…

unique nursery painting ideas?

I am starting on little baby boy’s nursery and want to use blue but would love to put some neat paint on (at least ) one wall. I plan on doing blue but would also like to spice it up. I like stripes but am not crazy about blue stripes. What are some pretty painting ideas? Also, what are some cute boy themes or bedding you have seen? I posted one l like but think blue would be too much (I want to use blue)


Blog Design Journal answers:

I have a painting tip for you if you’re thinking about doing stripes. I wish I would have known this a couple years ago while trying to paint a design on the wall.

When you use the painting tape, cover the edges of the tape with your base color before you paint the stripe color in. This seals any air bubbles in the tape and prevents your stripe color from bleeding underneath the tape. All tapes say they don’t bleed through, but they DO! So if your base color is light blue and your stripe color is dark, paint the base, put up the tape for the stripes and then use your roller to go over each piece of tape’s edges. Then paint in the dark blue. It’ll leave MUCH cleaner lines!

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