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Your Questions About Blog Theme Ideas

Posted on March 04, 2011 by Blog Design Journal

Lizzie asks…

Where do I go from here?

I’m currently learning HTML/CSS because I would like to eventually be able to build and design websites even if only as a serious hobby. I’ve considered purchasing the book from Head First on HTML/CSS since I’ve heard that it’s extremely helpful to beginners like me.

I’d really love to someday create pages similar to: http://colorcubic.com/ and maybe even http://www.demotive.com/ or http://www.vreplay.com/ (just to give an idea) . But I’m not sure if I shouldn’t be trying to tackle blog themes first before moving to such a behemoth task as developing and designing a website.

I really don’t know what comes after learning HTML and CSS. So here’s where I need help. Where do I go from HTML? Should I move to MySQL? Ajax? Javascript? Some other language? Layout designing? Are there any books you would recommend? Any kind of help and recommendations are so much more than appreciated even if it’s concerning something I did not name. I’m so very stuck right now.

Thanks so much in advance.

Blog Design Journal answers:

In my opinion you first need to figure out how much work you need to do and how much you don’t need to do.

Running a web site is more then creating a single web page.
Html is but one type of code to make a page while CSS is a file for outlining how you display the page items. Both of these are very good to learn and you will need to, there are many others and newer ones on the way. Canavs HTML5 CSS3

If you would like to learn to create a web site then I have a few things for you to do.
Study what a CMS (content management system) is and choose one.
I like Joomla and it is widely used by the internet and has many plug and play apps and mods and extentions to help you build a site for doing poll or selling products to create slide show displays of creating a blog.
All the add-ons are really easy to use once installed, and installation is so easy you download a zip file to your desktop then go to the section which says upload and upload the zipped file and it automatically opens and makes it work for you.


In Joomla you mostly work out of an editor which looks like an email letter its called WYSIWYG editor. You will only need to cut and paste a lot of the things into an article WYSIWYG and choose from drop down menus where to put the item. Be it a weather report widget or a voting poll or just a simple notice saying you are having a yard sale this weekend. The sky becomes the limit once you learn how to run the CMS. There are many webs sites that have links to there news feeds that you cut and paste then tell where you want something on a certain page. You can even tell it “I want this to show in this spot on all the checked off pages you choose within your web site”.

You can search many different places to find templates and themes already created to work with the Joomla CMS.
So as for the look and feel and learning what files work with what I recommend that you spend a full day reading about this stuff on the Joomla web site and looking around then go get you a free hosting account and JUST DO IT

Now the learning curve on this is only being able to read carefully the instructions.

A free web hosting site to test out learning without having to pay is at


This server will allow you to do many things like a paid host but not videos or mail unless you upgrade. But for practice and learning it is a great place to play around.

I believe that this link will help you better see the world of web development


Select a group to drill down into more information On there site.
Each topic will display what is the most active type of web site structures being used and show some companies using them. Plus explain what they do and link to anything you might be looking for to create a web site.

Content Delivery Networks
Content Management Systems (CMS)
Document Info
Syndication Feeds
Web Frameworks
Parked Hosting
Payment Provider
Web Server
Search Engines

Now I know there is a lot of stuff here and I am sorry if it looks like much but you need the facts.

With everything I have given you here you should be able to follow more breadcrumbs to gain more knowledge.

Good Luck and JUST DO IT don’t look back

Joseph asks…

WordPress Templates for Photography Portfolios?

Im looking to upgrade my existing website into my own url and decided to go with wordpress, as I kept reading how flexible it was to make into a CMS site, beyond just a normal blog.

I have found a few themes that are okay for what I want, but nothing quite hits the mark.


These themes are the closest, as they focus on the images rather than the blog. Ideally, the link below is the site I would most like to look like…


Any ideas of places where this kind of theme would be? Google is less than helpful with finding wordpress themes for photographers and many variations of it.

Anyone using wordpress for a portfolio type website and has any suggestions would be most appreciated.

Blog Design Journal answers:

WordPress doesn’t seem like the best option for photography.

Linda asks…

Give me some idea about website?

Hello friends!

*sorry guys, i am short of words right now. i may not have described my problem well. if need more info plz ask.

I am planning to build a website but i really don’t have the idea for my site. i mean i don’t have any good platform for it, what it should be about? sports? education? forum (about wht)? blog?? or wht?

Really don’t know the theme for it.


Blog Design Journal answers:

Mabye you could make a site about just random things you like. I did that, and here is my site, just do you know what im talking about. Www.wix.com/Shewholikescheese/My-random-site . Im very familiar with the site to make this type of site, and it is free! (unless you want a couple more features). If you want, i can help you with your site as much as you want if you email me at jamiegravittwood@gmail.com saying who you are (so i dont think ur spam, because i dont know ur email). Email me if ur interested at all.

Chris asks…


okay, so my birthdays in october. yes, i know i have a long time. i’m planning ahead. as you can tell, i want a candy theme with bright colors. any ideas/suggestions are very much appreciated.
im pretty sure i want a pink dress, any links for those are cool.
i want this cake. http://blog.pinkcakebox.com/candy-themed-sweet-16-cake-2008-06-08.htm coordinating colors for party would be great haha
umm i need ideas for favors and other centerpieces i already know candyspirit.com so any OTHER sites with different cool stuff would be awesomeee
oh and i need ideas for things like during-party favors, i know candy necklaces/bracelets but yeah i need some more haha
so once again annny help or experience or suggestions is verrry much appreciated so please and thanks ahead of time :]

Blog Design Journal answers:



Maybe for foods that’s not candy you could have:
~Mini burgers in buns with a cocktail stick holding it together
~Mini Hot dogs
~Mini Pizzas
~Potato wedges served in mini paper cones
~Cocktail sausages wrapped in bacon
~Mini sausage rolls
~Cheese and pineapple sticks
~Bread sticks dipped in chocolate then with added sprinkles

Hand out candy necklaces, bracelets and watches, gummy rings and giant lollipops!

~Shirley Temples
~Strawberry Milkshakes
~Cola Floats
~Hot Chocolates with lots of marshmallows in.
~Slush Puppies (I think you can rent machines for party’s)

Hope this helps and you have a great party!

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