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Your Questions About Blog Theme Ideas

Posted on March 05, 2011 by Blog Design Journal

Sandra asks…

Need some advice for my SWEET16?

I’m having a sweet 16 in September and i need to start planning and i’m having a hard time figuring out a theme or party favors, so i was wondering if you guys could help me with this…. I like girly stuff so if you give could be any ideas that would be appreciative!!! Thank you…

(my blog)

Blog Design Journal answers:

A Paris Theme or a Hollywood Theme. Here are some favor ideas:

Paris Themed: http://www.favorsandaccessories.com/paris-favors.html

Hollywood Themed: http://www.favorsandaccessories.com/hollywood-wedding-favors.html

or you could do fairytale: http://www.favorsandaccessories.com/fairytale-wedding-favors.html

or even butterfly: http://www.favorsandaccessories.com/butterfly-wedding-favors1.html

Betty asks…

Have a writing idea…would value your opinion?

I was going to enter in my university sponsored writing contest.
There’s 3 monetary prizes but I honestly don’t care if I win.
I just want to start writing again.

I was told growing up that I had adult writing skills and I won many awards for the ideas I viewed “simple.”

I don’t know exactly I want to do for my writing submission
(anything from fiction to nonfiction is acceptable).
Two Ideas…can you tell me which one you think is better…or if both are BLAH…?

I was thinking more along the lines of telling a piece of someone’s life.
Either through a short story…or blog form
(as in she writes the blog entries)
(since some courses in our school study blogs, etc)
Basically she grew up in an environment unlike most, her dad stalking her everywhere, her not allowed to dream…no friends…or anything but she found therapy in music, which was banned in her house.
Her parents being strict Muslims, she was faced with the decision of leaving them behind or giving up her dreams. But on the outside she seems like such a happy, nice person and in high school she faces a totally different scene, where girls are jealous of her and boys want to hook up with her. [a lot of BAD stuff happens at home during these years that I can't list but you get the idea]

or i go for a more animated theme
I used to write cartoon episodes/drawings about this really funny town where the kids collected screws and were obsessed. It’s downright funny and people in my high school read this stuff and said so.

Or….I could go for the regular life of a teenage girl…dating dilemmas…etc….

Help? Deadline is in May but I want to get started now.

Blog Design Journal answers:

You’re first idea seems very interesting, i would be interested to read a piece of work about that

Sharon asks…

What style of black wedding dress?

I am designing four wedding dresses at university. Three will be traditional white but one will be black. I have chosen a theme of fairy tale so want the collection to have a cohesive look to this theme. The black dress will be a limited edition type dress and I want it to be one of the main dresses. I can’t decide what style to have for it though. Should I design the black dress as a fish tale dress like this >>> http://media.photobucket.com/image/black%20fish%20tale%20dress/green_seahorse/the%20new%20stuff/workiteva.jpg

Or should I have the black dress big like this >>>


Also, should I have a train for the dress and what kind of veil? Any ideas are welcome! Any design details would also be great. I am designing the dresses for Topshop so want the style to be fresh and younger than usual wedding dresses. Any quirky ideas or twists on the fairy tale theme would be brilliant. Thanks!

Blog Design Journal answers:

The second dress is the most beautiful dress i have ever seen(wedding dress at least) but i would do it in ivory, not black

Maria asks…

What should I be taking pictures of?

I am an amateur photographer and I am looking for some kind of photo project to focus on. Currently I am doing a 365 day blog where I take a picture every single day. I am looking for themes to focus on, or specific things to take pictures of. Even some sort of neat theme or concept to explore. Any suggestions or ideas?
I agree, finding things I like and going for it is the way to go. Sadly, I’m starting to run out of steam with the blog :( 161 pictures into the year and somedays I find myself just saying “I need to take a picture of anything”

The blog for those interested:

Blog Design Journal answers:

This may seem over-simple, but focus on what interests you. Don’t look for things that seem like they would be good photos, because chances are it will not be as interesting as you think at first. Figure out what excites you, then shoot it.

Edit: to be honest, a 365 project is a bit silly because it doesn’t let you develop ideas and pursue them, instead focusing on just banging out images. To me, this is not the right way to go about it. If you need the pressure of each day to make you go take pictures, then you’re kind of missing out on the joys of photography.

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