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Your Questions About Blog Theme Ideas

Posted on March 06, 2011 by Blog Design Journal

Sharon asks…

How do I “Enable Custom HTML” on Tumblr?

I’m trying to put a music player on my blog page, and I was following the instructions here: http://blog.dankantor.com/post/43158314/tumblr-mp3-player , when he said “Enable Custom HTML” and I have no idea what that means. No matter how many times I go into “Theme” on Tumblr, I can’t find “Enable Custom HTML”. Help, please?

Blog Design Journal answers:

Omg same here ! I just went on tht site and ppl said its legit but i cant find it anywhere and i really want music on my tumblr. Im going to keep searching and if find anything ill let u know

Daniel asks…

tumblr photo wont show????? PLEASE HELP!?

ok so i’ve just made a tumblr blog and i have no idea what i’m doing, i have chosen a theme by etre belle and uploaded a photo, but the theme i have chosen wont show my photo on the blog, how do i change the code and where do i find the code in order to make the photo be visible?

Blog Design Journal answers:

How confusing is Tumblr! Youll get the hang soon! I had a theme by etre belle and my photos upload so try a differnt photo to see if its the actual photo your using or you could have uploaded the photo rong??
Good luck!! Xxxx
ohh follow me ! Http://vintagegypsys.tumblr.com/

Paul asks…

Re doing my room? (question re do)?

I’m redecorating! I have 2 ideas, either paint it tiffany blue and use white accents, or… Cage The Elephant. They are a band. No, the theme isn’t the band, it’s their album cover. I love it. The colors and the almost southwestern tone to it is great. http://www.eightyonedesign.co.uk/images/blog/album-art-2.jpg

I would paint my walls white and splatter them and generally give them that look. Good idea? No?

Blog Design Journal answers:

If you really like the splatter technique and the colors I would do it and then tone down the colors being too busy with a suttle color spread and curtains. Do your colors you like best and that sounds like fun. You seem to like playing with color and that will give you the chance to try it out. Or try one or two walls in Tiffany Blue and then the other two walls with the splatter. I take it you love doing art work. Good Luck

Carol asks…

why is my script for my form not working?

it does not submit the form do you have any ideas on how to fix it?

<link href="../rw_common/themes/alpha/colourtag-theme-default.css” />

jacobs project
Database Contact

Fieldssearch DatabaseFormDairyhow my program workstesting

<!– sidebar content such as the blog archive links –>

<link href="colourtag-theme-default.css”>

Alert!Sorry at this time we can not submit your form contact jacob for mor infor.’;
window.ydfl_loading_msg = ‘Loading…’;
window.ydfl_empty_required = ‘Alert! Missing Required Input’;
window.ydfl_invalid_email = ‘Alert! Email Format is Invalid’;
window.ydfl_date_format = ‘dd-mm-yy’;

jacobs project
Database Contact

search Database

<!– sidebar content such as the blog archive links –>




© 2010 jacobsProject Contact Me

© 2010 jacobsProject Contact Me

Blog Design Journal answers:

Your input tags are incorrect. You are missing the type.


Submit button:

You should also validate your html using http://validator.w3.org/.

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