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Your Questions About Blog Theme Ideas

Posted on March 07, 2011 by Blog Design Journal

Mark asks…

Making a Pixel Website with a difference?


I’m thinking of setting up a pixel site thats different (quirky) for people to put their links on.

I was perhaps going to make it theme based like (http://www.bigbenpixels.co.uk/) and in the shape of a car for car advertisers or

the shape of a house for landlords and letting agencies. (this is just an idea)… or just make it similar to the million dollar page ,
I was also going to try to gain advertisers by saying a cash prize of say 50 to a 100 pounds will be won by one of them at the end of a year period.etc

I just wondered if you think this is an ok idea or will people just give it a widebirth and think “hmmm we’ve seen this before etc”

I was looking through these kinda site the other day and must admit I was nearly tempted to buy some pixels in hope of more exposure to my blogs and websites as they lack in traffic, the pixels were 5 to 10 dollars each witch I thought was a bit costly.

Im trying to think of something new and quirky and other reasons for a site like this is getting linkbacks from people when they advertise and thus making it viral.

just wondered from peoples experience in marketing and the internet if this is a kinda good idea and how to work on it and if it could bring me in any money, if not from the pixel site maybe even from click throughs to my other adsense / affiliate sites.

I am just about to start a classified website and I will have a banner on there for my pixel site too, im thinking if I add banners on my pixel site to blogs and websites with content that has high paying keywords maybe I could get some revenue this way.

Im sure you know lots more clever ideas as a marketer, I’m a web builder but new to adsense and affiliate marketing.

I have just recently made sales through my affiliate blog for the first time which made me smile.

the script I’m thinking of buying for this site is fairly cheap at 20 dollars and I can upload and maintain it myself thats no problem,
its just the marketing that im not great at, I also have adsense accounts and was thinking of having a couple of large banners myself on their with links to my affiliate sites

please could you give me any advice that you think may be helpful with this project or do you just think that it is not a great idea.

I was even thinkin of calling it 50pads or adpix50p and charching 50p a pixel at the top and maybe have that running for a year then the webmasters re advertise so as to generate more revenue for me, then having pixels at the bottom where people can advertise for free but they link back to my site

oh well, its an idea ive had for a while

I look forward to hearing from you soon hopefully

thanks alot for your time

Blog Design Journal answers:

Bigbenpixels.co.uk was put up in October 2005 and up until now has sold less than 0.001% of the available pixels, so anything similar looks doomed to failure imo.

Mary asks…

How To Get Lauren Conrads Outfit, Hair + Makeup?

I Am Going To A Friends Party And The Theme Is The Hills / Laguna Beach, I Want To Go As Lauren Conrad.
I Have Hair Just Like Her, The New Haircut But Need To Know How To Keep It Straight.
I Would Need Some Makeup Ideas As Well I Know She Keeps It Very Simple. And The Outfit I Have Some Ideas



I Would Like To Know Where I Could Get Dresses Like This In England And As Cheap As Possible.


Blog Design Journal answers:

Look at lauren’s new online store website. The best way to dress like her is to get something from her new line. I think its just called “lauren conrad” so just look up “lauren conrad’s new line” in google and her website should come up.

As for the hair be sure to wear a cute thick headband. Shes famous for rocking an awesome headband.

James asks…

Harry Potter fans?

Well… I’m making this bookshelf thing for class right? It’s gonna be something like either of these, but I haven’t decided yet.




But I was just wondering what I could do to theme it Harry Potter-ish. I mean… I don’t want it OTT, but when we finish it we need to take photos of it in use etc and I want it to look all Harry Potter-y

I was thinking maybe a Sirius Black wanted poster or a timeturner, any other ideas?

I like planning stuff in advance – can you tell?
OMG! NAVERUS! I FREAKING LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks soo much!!! =D

Blog Design Journal answers:

Wow the first one looks awesome!

Well, you could add simple but recognisable traits from Harry Potter books or films. You could make the seating place look like a broom but it would only be a drawing or something, engrave a famous quote from the series in large lettering like the one on the Mirror of Erised… Eh, I’m so not creative.. :P

OMG I’ve got it! Engrave this:
“The mind is not a book, to be opened at will and examined at leisure.” — Severus Snape.

That would be awesome! I mean it would be your way of saying “Yes, I love Snape!”.. :D


David asks…


I want to re-do my whole room and im going to go with an indian/native american theme.
Do you have any idea of what color i should paint my walls to go with that theme?

Here are some pictures of what the decor would look like. —-




Please help! (:

Blog Design Journal answers:

I like your idea, very cool. I am always in oh of native american culture.

That is like a cadmium yellow. Just go to the store and get some samples and put them against the wall and pick.

Always remember that the shade in the paper is darker, so whatever you pick, go a shade lighter.

Other colors that would work are lie a sienna, or an ocher.

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