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Your Questions About Blog Theme Ideas

Posted on March 09, 2011 by Blog Design Journal

William asks…

how can i build a website like “http://www.contentyogi.com” any idea?

You should check this website http://www.contentyogi.com/

I need to make a similar website (theme) for my personal blog. can anyone recommend me?

Blog Design Journal answers:

You can create a website with http://ucoz.com. Then you can change any template as you like.

Joseph asks…

INDIAN/MIDDLE EASTERN MUSIC FANS? I need help!!! there’s this song that sounds rather indian or egyptian…?

There is this song I got from a blog and I have nNO idea who sings it, let alone what language it’s in.
It sounds egyptian or middle eastern or indian.. I really would like to know who sings it!

The song starts of with a kind of wailing “Ooohhhhyaaaamaaaaa ohnnn” then a kind of sound that makes me think of the theme music in Cleopatra

Here is a (probably) failed attempt at writing out the lyrics of the chorus:

parie ishkatam mafala esh asheem, mer afala esh asheetm

The song is a great dance song and is very catchy. i would think it would be a hit but i cannot find it anywhere. Also, midway they start rapping… gah i need to know who sings this! HELP

Blog Design Journal answers:

It’s not as cool as the song “Low-lee-tah” which I play on youtube. People don’t realize that scales have a certain flavor to them when they’re played. One of my favorites is the Lydian mode. It always has been ever since I saw the movie “To Kill a Mockingbird” where the theme is replete with the Lydian mode.
Now, for an example of what you are asking about, one of the best, if not the best dissertations regarding this, is done by Vinnie Moore. I highly suggest his lesson on modes. He describes it excellently for people like me. Here you go:

towards the end of this lesson, listen to his step b on the Phrygian scale. This is very common in egyptian music but Vinnie sounds better and cooler than any egyptian music you’ve ever heard.

Lizzie asks…

music playlist themes?

I do a weekly music blog and need some playlist ideas

Here are a few I’ve done

10 songs you want played at your funeral
10 songs you love that are about food
10 songs you would play during a galactic space battle
10 songs you want to hear this Halloween


Blog Design Journal answers:

10 songs that would get you exorcised if you played them in a church.
10 songs that would make old ladies give you dirty looks
10 songs that would give most people nightmares
10 songs that are so long you actually have to sit down for them
10 songs that are so short you can do the entire palylist in under 12 minutes
10 songs that are totally inapproprite for (enter situation here)
10 sporting events songs

Jenny asks…

wordpress issues – background color & featured image?

Hi all,
I’ve just re-set up my wordpress site, and I’m having a few issues with it since they upgraded. It used to be very simple to change the background color of a blog post, now I have no idea how to do it. I want to change the default color to black if pos so it actually fits the theme.

Also I’m using the RUNONE theme, and the featured image isn’t showing up, i have the size right, and the post is in the correct cat, i’ve changed themes but the problem still appears.

if anyone needs to check the site its here:


Please help ASAP as I do have a-lot of readers waiting

Blog Design Journal answers:

Hey IAN,

It looks like all you need to change is the background color for #content in style.css.

Off course you’ll also want to change the color so the text shows up against the new background.

Something like this should do:

#content{background: #000000; color: #ffffff}

If the CSS rule already exists, just add to it.

Good luck.

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