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Your Questions About Blog Theme Ideas

Posted on March 13, 2011 by Blog Design Journal

Sandra asks…

Interior design experts!!! ((Or just people w/ good taste))?

Okay, so I’m 13 and am refurnishing my bedroom. I need YOUR help to tell me if this is a good idea, and to give a few pointers that will go well with the theme I’m trying to pull off.

This is what my room will have:

~Cream/Off-white painted furniture w/ antique-style appliques on them

~painted a light green

~VERY small portion of the trim will be painted silver metallic

~I’ll have a mannequin

~I’ll have a bed with a damask white comforter and green pillows

~Vera Bradley rug under bed

~Vintage barbie sketches (they’re pretty neat! like this: http://www.nitrolicious.com/blog/wp-content/uploads/2009/02/barbie-fashion-show-sketches-02.jpg)

~white beanbags


~scented candles sitting on desk/ windowsill/ night table

Blog Design Journal answers:

Sounds great! I love the color scheme.. I’d also add some different silver picture frames with photos of family and friends just to bring some more silver into the room. Some cool curtain panels in the same colors you already have would also bring the room together. Hope this helps! :]

Maria asks…

Whats really going on with the album “Fantasy Ride” By Ciara?

It was apparently confirmed that the cover was gonna be this.


and it was gonna be a three disc album with their own theme, Crunktown (With crunk songs like goodies, oh, high price etc.)
Groove City (With slow jams like promise, and I, never ever etc.)
Kingdom of Dance (With dance songs like 1, 2 step, love sex magic etc.)

and NOW the album cover has completely changed and amazon and play.com are saying the official album is just gonna be 1 CD with a lot less songs, and 2 CD’s for the deluxe edition with only 2 extra songs.


What is the album really gonna be like? Personally I prefer the concept of the first idea and the album cover of the second idea.

Blog Design Journal answers:

There is a lot of controversy and it will probably be out next year

Sandy asks…

Can You Integrate User Databases Across Multiple Domains?

While I know there are ways to integrate two user databases together (say pligg and vbulletin), but is it possible to accomplish this across domains?

Here’s the idea. Lets say I was going to create three sites that all had a common theme that made going from one site to another almost unnoticeable. This is done for branding purposes.

1) FishingTips.com – wordpress blog where fishing tips are published

2) FishingSpots.com – pligg style voting site where users can post their favorite fishing spots and others can “digg” them up or down after visiting.

3) FishingTalk.com – a vbulletin forum for fishing enthusiasts to talk about their favorite sport.

All three sites are “mashed” together by tabs at the top of the page that say:
Fishing Tips | Fishing Spots | Fishing Community

Now it would be nice to integrate the forum and voting site’s user databases together so once someone registers for the community, they don’t have to re-register to participate in voting on fishing spots.

If they were hosted on the same site it wouldn’t be an issue, but as the sites are on different domains is it still possible to do?

Blog Design Journal answers:

Domains don’t mean anything. All a domain does is provide DNS to ip addresses. So technically speaking all 3 domains could be on the same server in different folders using virtual hosts on Apache(webserver). But even if the website code wasn’t on the same server the database’s for each site could be because web and databases are separate. And even at that if the databases were not on the same server(stupid if it wasn’t) you could modify the code to connect to multiple sql servers in php, which could be a little pain in the ass unless you create classes for each database.

Daniel asks…

Is the recent Ron Paul rally a model for how the Democrats could finally beat the Republicans?


Ron Paul supporter James Ostrowski (whose organization “Free New York” is building a Grover Cleveland library in the city of Buffalo where the great Democratic president was mayor) says:

“The Democrats are close to snatching defeat from the jaws of victory.

It’s amazing.

First, they chose the far weaker of two candidates for the nomination. Actually, the voters probably chose Hillary but the crazy rules chose Obama.

One of the reasons I thought Hillary would win the nomination is that Obama was to her left, not a good place to be in national elections.

Now, Obama’s intellectually bankrupt liberalism has been exposed including by Palin last night. See this nice commentary by Mike Rebmann, a libertarian/Paulian.

What would it take to beat McCain/Palin? That’s easy.

The Democrats’ formula for victory was provided by Ron Paul and Lew and company at the Rally for the Republic the other day. Outflank the Republicans on smaller government.

It won’t happen this year but the best way to beat the party that pretends to be for smaller government is with a party that actually is for smaller government. The Democrats need to return to their Jeffersonian/Grover Cleveland roots. ”

The speech by Lew Rockwell that he is referring to was called “The Calamity of Bush’s Conservatism.” Here are some excerpts (from: http://www.lewrockwell.com/rockwell/calamity-of-bush-conservatism.html full speech is available either in video or text format):

“Sometimes people say that Americans are cynical about politics. Looking at the way the Bush administration has used and abused its power for the last eight years, is it really surprising?

You would have to be sedated not to be cynical. ”

“Consider Bush. He has not only broken election promises and trampled on American liberties, he hasn’t done a single decent thing for this country. And what he has done contradicts all of the values he said he would uphold both times he tricked people into voting for him. ”

“Just after Bush took office, David Frum, then a White House speechwriter, was part of a policy meeting with the new president. They were discussing the energy policy of the new administration. Recall that in those days, gasoline cost less than a dollar a gallon. Frum had the idea that it would be a political victory to drive down the price. He suggested the Bush use the phrase “cheap energy” to describe his goal.

Frum writes in his memoirs about what happened next. Bush “gave me a sharp, squinting look, as if he were trying to decide whether I was the very stupidest person he had heard from all day.” He might have added that profits in the oil business – which is the business that this government cares most about – were growing thinner.

Cheap energy, he answered, was how we got into this mess.

What mess? Bush explained to Frum that regular Americans were buying too many SUVs and using too much gasoline and not paying enough for it. His answer was not to make energy cheaper, but to make it more expensive. ”

“Of course, Bush’s success comes at our expense. All of his successes have come at our expense. In fact, that last sentence might as well be the theme of his entire presidency. ”

“Remember the phrase, “humble foreign policy”? Coming from Bush, that sounds about as ridiculous as the phrase “peaceful war,” except that he seems to believe in that too. ”

“Many people say that the Bush administration has departed from conservative principles. There was a time when I might have said that too, if by conservatism we mean the constitutionalism of Robert Taft and Ron Paul.

But consider that Ron is the only Republican in the whole Congress or anywhere inside the Beltway to stand up to Bush’s attempt to create a totalitarian state. Only he has consistently opposed Bush’s wars, regulations, spying, and shredding of the Constitution. He alone warned against Bush’s monetary policies, his trade policies, his diplomatic misadventures, and his crazed, megalomaniacal arrogance.

You might say that many have opposed this administration privately. You might say the same thing about the Stalin, Hitler, and Mao administrations. Those who could speak out against the wickedness, and did not do so, are morally culpable. ”

“I for one no longer believe that Bush has betrayed conservatives. In fact, he has fulfilled conservatism, by completing the redefinition of the term that began many decades ago with Bill Buckley and National Review. Think of it realistically. What does conservatism today stand for? It stands for war. It stands for power. It stands for spying, jailing without trial, torture, counterfeiting without limit, and lying from morning to night.

There comes a time in the life of every believer in freedom when he must declare, without any hesitation, to have no attachment to the idea of conservatism. ”

Ron Paul’s speech and anti-war “conservative” Bill Kauffman’s (acco
Ron Paul’s speech and anti-war “conservative” Bill Kauffman’s (according to Wikipedia “He is a critic of development, frequently writes approvingly of distributism and agrarianism, and is extremely anti-corporation.”) speech are available at the blog of Ron Paul’s Campaign for Liberty (see http://www.campaignforliberty.com/blog/ ). Tom Woods spoke out against the “Neo-Con Death Cult.” Ron Paul condemned wars, Corporatism (including the collusion between government and corporations that permits pollution to occur), and the War on Drugs (he specifically condemned the government’s ban on hemp, which he claimed could be made into affordable ethanol; he also condemned the tariff against sugar that prevents the importation of sugar ethanol and the wasteful subsidies to corn ethanol). Ron Paul also called for abolishing the Federal Reserve (the organization that creates money out of thin air to transfer wealth from the poor to the rich).
Obviously, those speaking at the Ron Paul rally support the limited government that Republicans pretend to support, but basically share the same goals as Democrats. Is this a model for how the Democrats could rebuild their party and save our country after the 4 disastrous years of John McCain that are likely ahead? Will the Democrats seize the opportunity to return to their Jeffersonian roots and abandon their social democratic policies of the last century or so that have failed as badly as the Corporatist quasi-Fascism of the Reagan-Gingrich-Bush-McCain Republican Party.

Blog Design Journal answers:

Ron paul is an original republican….with an original republican platform…

They dont stand for that anymore……no party does

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