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Your Questions About Blog Theme Ideas

Posted on February 19, 2011 by Blog Design Journal

Sandra asks…

Which dress fits in with the fairy tale theme better?

Dress 1


Dress 2


Dress 3


Dress 4


Dress 5


Dress 6


Blog Design Journal answers:

I really like the first one.

Sharon asks…

i want to dress up my blog page with different themes than offered by yahoo, how do i do that?

were can i go to collect different ideas and what steps do i follow to edit my blog page?

Blog Design Journal answers:

You could try going to the places that provide layouts, backgrounds, and images for Myspace like:

Lisa asks…

mixtape ideas………………..?

I run 10 songs blog over on mixpod and am looking for mixtape ideas. The basic premise is each week a new theme each week a new 10 songs.

Some former mixtapes…

10 songs

to play at your funeral
that sound better with headphones
you PRETEND to hate
to play after your teacher/boss/parents pissed you off
to get you kicked out of church
for your epic intergalactic space opera movie
you would play for MLK
“clean” songs to corrupt your niece or nephew and save them from Disneyto cheer up your gay friend who is trapped in the closet
to celebrate the cowbell
to clean toilets by

HA! I almost did this theme once! Maybe I’ll have too now.
I have also done when good artists go bad for Friday the 13th.
Ooo yeah and the karaoke one #1 “I Will Survive”.

Blog Design Journal answers:

In all cases, I could probably nominate somewhere between 8-20 songs for each.,.

Songs to clean toilets by
Songs to soothe blue balls
Songs to drop acid by
Songs with sitars
Songs by the hottest babes
Songs for fleeing the police in a high speed chase
Songs to induce nightmares
Songs for crying in your beer
Last words (final songs before the singer’s death)
Songs about dying
Flop Songs by Famous Artists
Songs about mental illness
Songs *by* the mentally ill
Songs about prison
Songs about Jesus that would make Him barf
Songs that resemble the Parthenon
Songs comparing sex to food
Songs about songs
Songs that will make your girlfriend leave you if you keep playing them
Songs that make the singer sound like a douchebag
Songs nobody wants to hear at karaoke ever again
Songs for Stalkers

John asks…

What is the best blog site to use to make money?

I want to have a humorous blog with a running theme (can’t tell you the theme, cuz you’d be tempted to steal the hilarious idea ;-) that I make money on by utilizing google adsense and affiliate marketing. Howwwever, I’m not a fan of hubpages or squidoo, because they don’t connect all of your posts on one page. I really like the set up of Tumblr.com however, I don’t think you can put ads on your tumblr page, etc……..can you?

I’m new to this. Help! What site should i use to set up a blog with nice template options, etc. to make it look like a website, not just a half-assed mess?

Blog Design Journal answers:

on this page you get
the solution for your problem!


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