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Your Questions About Blog Theme Ideas

Posted on February 21, 2011 by Blog Design Journal

Donna asks…

Has anyone tried Google AdSense in their blog?

Has anyone tried Google adsense in their blogspot/blogger and had success?
I know it only it has great success if you have great traffic but like what topics/themes of blogs have better success?
Has anyone had problems with Adsense in their blogs?
What exactly are “fraud clicks” how can that be avoided?
I don’t have a blog but I think it’s probably the easiest way to set up a website and add Adsense.
I am a college student and I am trying to make extra money and I want to start a blog with Adsense. Any Ideas?

Blog Design Journal answers:

If you like to make money with adsense using blog make sure you don’t use other advertising such as banners. And also make your blog an information blog. Not the kind of blog where you usually interact with others. If that the case then you are very likely not getting very good click on the ads.

People don’t like ads. The only times when they click ads is when they are in the mood of researching topics. And that mood usually start at the search engine.

Richard asks…

Ideas for baby nursery…?

I am not pregnant, but I have always been into interiror decorating, and my friend, who is a little “challenged” in that area, to say the least. So, she has kind of hired me, so to say, to help plan/decorate her nursery. She will definitely be finalizing any plans I make, but I want to give her some really great ideas, but on a small budget (like under 2,000 for everything). She isn’t finding out what she is having so it will have to be a unisex room.

Here are some nursery pics I have come across that I love. what do ya’ll think? Favorite? Least favorite? Are they good for unisex?

1. I love this fabric, http://images.teamsugar.com/files/users/10/107379/48_2007/unisex-nursery.jpg with kind of a meadow theme going on, maybe some green hillps painted on a sky blue wall with clouds. I love the orange and green colors.

2. http://www.myriopinar.com/menu/menu-49ab31b7ac31f.jpg: I love this idea with the murals too, but I doubt my ability. I love the little quote on the wall though “blessed be this bird in the nest” and I thought a little birdy theme would be adorable too.

3. I think this one is my favorite. Modern, neutral colors, and a little hint of a jungle theme, with just one or 2 animal print accessories: http://www.luxurynursery.com/images/blog/2009/05/neutral.jpg

What do yall think?? Thanks!
AHH! I can’t get the 2nd link to work! Well, what do you think of the quote and birdy theme? With bircages, trees painted on the wall, and little birdies on the wall? and this bedding: http://4.bp.blogspot.com/_9xmGODKbhaY/Sk1JdeK7h9I/AAAAAAAAAVs/SqinbmVFiVI/s400/Birds+of+Paradise+Crib+Bedding.jpg

Blog Design Journal answers:

I like the 3rd best the 2nd didnt work. But the browns are great since its neutral and nothing overwelming like pink or blue, it will be more relaxing for the baby an they wont be overwelmed and distracted by all the color.

Mark asks…

I need a good ideas about a site for a project that includes a lot of photos and essays!?

I started a project after lots of people responded to one of my blog. I just constructed an idea that all the people that are interested can participate in a site much like wikipedia, a site where volunteers edit and develop it. The project includes a lot of photos, essays and a forum like discussions. The truth is I don’t have the money and the time for a domain name like project.com, and I don’t really know anything about web page design.

So what I am looking for is some ideas. If I create a wordpress.com page can you give me some good Themes that wouldn’t exactly look like a blog and more like a normal website.

I know it is kind of complicated but just shoot ideas :)

Blog Design Journal answers:


Very nice to know that you wanna launch a good wiki website.

Here you can find some excellent wordpress themes.
1- http://www.smashingmagazine.com/2008/01/08/100-excellent-free-high-quality-wordpress-themes/
2- http://webmania.bloguite.com/lists/750-excellent-wordpress-themes-pointed-by-the-best-blogs-around.html

I hope you can find some good designs here. Goodluck for your website & keep up the good work.

Muhammad Uzair Usman
Creative Web2.0 Website Designer

Paul asks…

How to add code into WordPress?

So i have a wordpress blog at http://www.appsformacs.co.uk/reviews and i’m planning on adding a HTML nav bar/ dock thing.

How would i do this. I’ve looked through all of the files, and theme files but they all seem to be php.

Any ideas?
I know how to code, it’s just i don’t know how/where to add/put in my OWN content!

Blog Design Journal answers:



Start here.

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