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Your Questions About New Blogging Platforms

Posted on March 08, 2011 by Blog Design Journal

William asks…

Terapad Blog Templates?

So I’m loving the new blogging platform from www.terapad.com, but their template designs leave something to be desired. Any idea who is creating templates for Terapad, or where I can find applicable templates?

Blog Design Journal answers:

Hey Ryan, You may be interested in this Blog entry from Stephan Tual.


I spoke with Stephan just recently and I know that the template browser he refers to in his blog may be with us as early as March. Keep a close eye on his blog, or your terapad control panel for updates, or email labs@terapad.com. Good luck with your Terapad site. What’s the URL by the way?

Thomas asks…

New to Blogger, please help get me started!?

I’m currently using a blogging platform called blogger, which I’m new to, I joined blogger in less than 24hours ago and I was wondering if anyone could help me get started? like give me advice, tips, tricks etc something to help my blog stand out. (by the way it’s a poetry/photography blog just to entertain and get people through the day)
If you also have a blogger it’ll be great if you could follow my blog, I’ll return the favour and follow you back!
Thanks for any information you can provide me to help my blog to get up and running and get it to stand out, heres a link to my blog: http://poetwithacamera.blogspot.com/

Blog Design Journal answers:

If you are searching for basic Blogger tips:

Betty asks…

Bloggers…need your opinions…?

Which platform do you use, and do you like it? Is it free or do you pay for it?

My main blog is at MSN Live Spaces and I love it (hassle free, all I do is type and be done with it), but I want to start a new project that will allow me to be more creative with the looks and design of the blog.

Would appreciate inputs. Preferably a blog that is easy to handle since I’m have no clue about all this CSS and XHTML stuffs. Oh, and if you have horror stories about other blogging platforms, don’t hesitate to share! I don’t want to blog 20 entries just to find out that provider does not cut it!

Blog Design Journal answers:

I blog at www.vox.com
since i’m not really that html / css – savvy, i enjoy picking up different theme designs on the gallery.
It’s also user-friendly and the bloggers community is warm.
And mind you, it’s for free. =)

John asks…

How can I get my blog out there?

I’m relatively new at this whole blogging business, and I want to use it mainly as a platform to show off my writing, and also something to help improve my writing style. As it stands I have no followers and it feels strange writing blog updates to no one. Any experienced bloggers have any ideas on how I can get myself out there?


Blog Design Journal answers:

Hi there,
I’ve written a few articles on blog promotion on my website check it out.

But to answer your question the best things to start to do is submit your site to blog directories, write articles, participate in a forum and become an active poster there, join all the social network sites and most importantly create great content.

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