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Your Questions About Tumblr Codes

Posted on April 19, 2011 by Blog Design Journal

Lisa asks…

What are some good websites for tumblr codes?

I want to see how many people are on/saw my blog. I need a link of where i can copy and paste the code.

Blog Design Journal answers:

You need a site meter.

My recommendation is HiStats (free) — you can pick up a lot of info from your visitors and see what posts they are looking at, where they are coming from, where they are going, and how long did they stay and more. Fun stuff to read when you are bored with other things.

You can choose from a variety of meters.
All you need is an email and your tumblr URL to register then you get the copy/paste code to use.

Thomas asks…

would the myspace codes work in tumblr?

i cant find a website that has good tumblr codes if you do know any can you put them on here.

Blog Design Journal answers:

Do you mean putting your MySpace background code on Tumblr?
You could try putting the code on the custom edit theme section since it takes HTML but I don’t know for sure if it will work.

Steven asks…

Why wont certain HTML codes work on tumblr?

a couple of simple html codes wont go through when i post an entry on my tumblr.
particularly the and the codes.

I know im typing it correct. and i type it all in the ‘edit html source’ window
the codes disappear when i reopen the little window to double check everything.

do they just not work on tumblr or do i need to use a different kind of code?

Blog Design Journal answers:

Those tags are out dated. Use span tags in place of font tags and center with CSS.

This text will be Fuchsia color and centered. This text be green.


John asks…

Does anyone know HTML codes well for Tumblr?

I have a tumblr account and I want to have my images faded a little but when someone hovers over them with their cursor they become the original image. I was wondering if someone knew the html code for that, I’ve been trying to google it but I haven’t found anything yet so I was hoping someone could help.

Blog Design Journal answers:

Will ask around

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