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Your Questions About Tumblr Codes Endless Scroll

Posted on April 28, 2011 by Blog Design Journal

Jenny asks…

How do I get endless scroll on tumblr without reloading?

I know the code for endless scrolling, but when I scroll every page I pass it restarts my playlist until theres 5 songs playing at once on one page. How do I get endless scroll without the page reloading and the numbers at the bottom?

Blog Design Journal answers:

I think it’s just your player… I use streampad, which in my opinion is the best. I have endless scroll with no problems with it. See for yourself! My tumblr is


Maria asks…

Is there a code for endless scrolling on Tumblr?

Is there a code if you want your tumblr page(not the dashboard) to have endless scrolling? I came across a page that had endless scrolling so I’m sure it’s possible somehow D:
I don’t know how you reply to responses….but ‘Craig’s code is not working for me :(
Ohh yay it works. I replaced the quotation marks. Thank you!

Blog Design Journal answers:

I wrote the easiest way to get endless scrolling here http://craigfish.tumblr.com/post/497159451

I tried to post the code in this box but it kept deleting bits of it for some reason. Check out that link above, it’s so easy to do :)

EDIT: It does work, you just have to replace the quotation marks when you paste it. I don’t know why this is, but it works if you do that.

Robert asks…

How do I make my actual Tumblr page have endless scrolling?

I’m not talking about the endless scroll option for my dashboard. I’m talking about maybe a code or something for endless scrolling for others to see on my actual tumblr page.

Blog Design Journal answers:

Simple, you can’t :)

Check out my tumblr: http://neonlites.tumblr.com/

Nancy asks…

I can’t seem to find a code for continuous/endless scrolling for my Tumblr…?

I just want continuous/endless scrolling for my Tumblr blog, but I can’t find a legit HTML code that works. Help?

Blog Design Journal answers:

You only have endless scrolling if you have endless content. Browsers do not scroll any further then the end of the content. Set your CSS with:

overflow: auto;


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