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Your Questions About Tumblr Codes For Themes

Posted on April 30, 2011 by Blog Design Journal

Mandy asks…

My Tumblr won’t let me put in customized HTML codes for themes?

I go onto a website that has tumblr themes. I find a theme i like and the instructions go something like this;
How To Install:
1. Copy the code in the text area to the left.
2. Login to your Tumblr account and click Account in the top navigation, then click Preferences when the drop down appears.
3. Click the Customize your blog button in the top right corner.
4. Click the Appearance tab at the top left.
5. When the sub menu pops up, click Reset defaults at the bottom. When the alert window appears, click OK.
6. Now click the Theme tab at the top left, when the window appears, click Use custom HTML (if you’ve already used custom html, you will be taken directly to your current html code code) .
7. Replace everything in the text area with your new layout’s HTML code.
8. Click Update preview followed by Save + Close (top right corner).

But i don’t have what is needed in step 6. I don’t have the Use Custom HTML button that is in the top left hand corner.

how do i fix that?

Blog Design Journal answers:

Tumblr’s Help: http://www.tumblr.com/help


Jenny asks…

Would it be easier to use Adobe Dreamweaver in creating Tumblr themes?

Because I’ve created my Tumblr themes with just the usual HTML codes. I wanted to try using Dreamweaver so maybe it would lessen so much work in creating codes for my theme. Do you think using Dreamweaver could help me?

Thanks in advance ! :)

Blog Design Journal answers:

Do you know how to use Dreamweaver? Have you had classes of instructions on Dreamweaver? If the answer to these two questions in NO then; no, it will be no help to you.

Now if you have about $300 to throw away on Dreamweaver then go ahead.

Charles asks…

Help! [ [ Tumblr Theme ] ]?

How can i make a Tumblr theme?

The one that uses HTML and Codes

can you give me the step by step instructions?



Blog Design Journal answers:

Have you checked out the Tumblr Theme Garden? (http://www.tumblr.com/themes) They have hundreds of themes! Theyre made my other users and are amazing!

As for helping you with the HTML i dont really know what you want your theme to look like or do, so checking out the theme garden is probably best :)

Sorry i can’t help you more with the HTML, but there is also this: http://www.tumblr.com/docs/en/custom_themes
which helps with various codes.

Hope this helps! :) good luck!

Susan asks…

Tumblr Themes? What do i do with a code?

i want this this theme for my Tumblr account:


and underneath it says, like this theme? get the code. if you click get the code you get this:


what do i do with this? how do i make it my theme?
thanks x

(oh, and if you’re interested and you have tumblr, my blog is releaseyourinnerchild.tumblr.com leave yours!)

Blog Design Journal answers:

You need to go to your page, click customize, theme, then Use Custom HTML. Now delete that code, and copy your new code, paste it in, and save.

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