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Your Questions About Tumblr Codes Music

Posted on April 16, 2011 by Blog Design Journal

Nancy asks…

how do you put music on tumblr after putting the streampad code in?

I’ve been trying to upload music on tumblr for days now , I am very confused can someone please help me.

Blog Design Journal answers:

Streampad is a music player that plays all your audio posts. So therefore, simply UPLOAD AN AUDIO POST on tumblr. :D

Linda asks…

how do i put hypster music player on my tumblr?

like step by step because i keep trying and it’s not working. and which one do i click because it doesn’t give you a code for tumblr.

Blog Design Journal answers:

Try contacting customer care..

David asks…

Any ideas for cool tumblr themes? Specifically one that has a music player that plays my songs automatically?

for example: look at her tumblr. [http://tonightiloveyou.tumblr.com/] It has an automatic music player. Is there a code or any thing that has a theme that can play all the music posts I had? PLEASE HELP!

Or is there any website that contains any cool tumblr themes?

Blog Design Journal answers:

Tumblr has a page with tons of pre-made themes that you can install by a click of a button: http://www.tumblr.com/themes/

Try Streampad: http://www.streampad.com/ When you post a song on your tumblr it’s automatically added to the player.

William asks…

Why won’t music play on my tumblr streampad?

I pasted the code to my HTML Section and posted music on my tumblr. But, when i go to my profile, the music won’t play. Please help, & thankss. (=

Blog Design Journal answers:

As long as you uploaded music to your own tumblr through a audio post, it means that you are missing the autoplay feature from streampad, or the play button. The above poster is correct.

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