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Your Questions About Tumblr Codes Music

Posted on May 05, 2011 by Blog Design Journal

Paul asks…

How do i put music on my tumblr website?

I want to make it so as soon as you go on my tumblr page the song ‘ who is ‘ by bruno mars starts to play.
can someone explain the easier way possible how to do it.
or let me know the html code if you have it and how to put it on from there

Blog Design Journal answers:

You have to be careful doing that, since it is illegal

only the copyright owner can allow that

it alldepends on how aggressive the copyright owner is

Carol asks…

How to add autoplay music to tumblr?

I dont use hypster or anything.
I know you copy+paste the embed code,
change the height and width to 1,
then i forget….

Blog Design Journal answers:

You need to get a hypster playlist for that.
Then if you want it smaller you need to look for this part in the code:
<embed quality="high" style="width:300px;visibility:visible; height:220px;" type="application/

Change it to this: <embed quality="high" style="width:50px;visibility:visible; height:15px;" type="application/

Also, put the code in your description box, and not in your theme's HTML.

John asks…

How to make music from youtube auto play on tumblr.?

Okay, i added this code to tumblr:

it shows up and plays but not automatically. what do i have to add? please someone help. i can not figure it out.

Blog Design Journal answers:

The old code is easier. Press embed then check use old code. For example :

where it says “&hl=en_US” or something like that in both urls in the code replace that with “&autoplay=1″ dont forget to erase the amp…etc. Then replace it with “&autoplay=1″ in both urls

Sharon asks…

Code for a small play button/ widgets for music on tumblr page?

Blog Design Journal answers:

Not sure if the code on this page will work for you, but you can try it:

How to make a small play button for tumblr: http://www.askmefast.com/How_to_make_a_small_play_button_for_tumblr-qna453527.html

Or these may help:

he Best Tumblr Music Widgets: http://tumblring.net/tumblr-music-widget/
SCM Music Player (Continous Playback Cross Pages): http://scmplayer.asweb.info/
Tumblr MP3 Player: http://hegs.tumblr.com/post/75802576/tumblr-mp3-player
Tumblr MP3 Player: http://blog.dankantor.com/post/43158314/tumblr-mp3-player
Steampad: http://www.streampad.com/
Add the Tumblr MP3 Player Asyncronously: http://blog.kortina.net/post/78910981/add-the-tumblr-mp3-player-asyncronously
Add Autoplay Background Music on Tumblr: http://tumblring.net/tumblr-autoplay-background-music/
Tumblr Mini Music Player: http://theftalk.com/t37752-mini-music-player!-%28-so-fast-to-load!-%29.html

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