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Your Questions About Tumblr Codes Music Player

Posted on April 17, 2011 by Blog Design Journal

Michael asks…

how to copy and paste on tumblr?

it won’t let me copy and paste!
im trying to copy this music player code ..
but i cant?
i have a macbook

Blog Design Journal answers:

Right click it and go to copy then move to are of paste and paste

Mark asks…

how do you make your hypster playlist auto start on tumblr?

here is my code.

<!–Hypster Music Player–>

<!–Hypster Music Player–>

Blog Design Journal answers:

You need to go back to the hypster page where you created the player, and change the settings, then re-copy the new code and put it in.

Paul asks…

How do you make part of a web page NOT reload?

On my tumblr I have a music player and every time you click to the next page it reloads the music player as well. I was wondering, is there an HTML code I can use to make just the music (or that whole section even) not reload? Here’s my tumblr http://ispycassiex.tumblr.com/ so you can see what I’m talking about. Any help is greatly appreciated, thanks(:

Blog Design Journal answers:

Using frames and keeping one section constant (i.e. Specify different source location in other windows via javascript code) and changing the others should work.

Linda asks…

Can somebody help me with Tumblr?

Okay, so i’ve had Tumblr for a good 8 or 9 months but i really havent started using until like last week. i got my theme and all, and i know how to do the gif files, but other things are still a little complicated.
If you dont mind, can you help me out with this: ?
1) how do i get music to automatically play on my tumblr page? i dont wanna use widgets or anything and i’ve tried Dan Kantor’s code:


but i guess i did it wrong because i get stuck on step 6, where do i copy the code to? what header? >____<
2) how can i reply to a post? someone commented on one of my text posts, so how do i reply back?

please help lol. im kinda lost. -___-
thank you :]

Blog Design Journal answers:

Can only help with 1):

The Best Tumblr Music Widgets: http://tumblring.net/tumblr-music-widget/
SCM Music Player (Continous Playback Cross Pages): http://scmplayer.asweb.info/
Tumblr MP3 Player: http://hegs.tumblr.com/post/75802576/tumblr-mp3-player
Steampad: http://www.streampad.com/

Add the Tumblr MP3 Player Asyncronously: http://blog.kortina.net/post/78910981/add-the-tumblr-mp3-player-asyncronously
Add Autoplay Background Music on Tumblr: http://tumblring.net/tumblr-autoplay-background-music/
Tumblr Mini Music Player: http://theftalk.com/t37752-mini-music-player!-%28-so-fast-to-load!-%29.html



Those may be better than the one you tried.

2) Tumblr’s Help Center: http://www.tumblr.com/help


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