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Your Questions About Tumblr Codes Music Player

Posted on June 04, 2011 by Blog Design Journal

Donna asks…

Tumblr Question……….?

So I’ve been trying to get a mini music player on my page and I have the code and everything but it says I should copy and paste into the Custom HTML.. whenever i try to paste it, it won’t work, it doesn’t show up as an option.

helpppp :)

Blog Design Journal answers:

Yessss im wondering the same thing

Ken asks…

Embed a youtube video?

So I would like to have a music player on my Tumblr (http://hailsdood.tumblr.com/) . I just want it to be one of those play bottoms you see on other pages. I know how to embed the code but how do you post it with out the video showing?
I want 3 days grace – are you ready for this .
Matthew ; i have playlist :D didnt know you could do that, thanks :D

Blog Design Journal answers:

You can probably use a site like Playlist.com. It allows you to set up and embed playlists, maybe Tumbler supports it.

Helen asks…

what are sites like sina.com but for america?

i love sina.com… but its all in chinese. its like a multimedia blog site… here is an example of somebody’s sina. http://blog.sina.com.cn/bank77
if you noticed… it comes with its own music player, it has a photo player, video player, and overall just a regular blog. please dont say myspace, because i recently just deleted that for a reason. dont say tumblr cause you have to add your own embedded code from like youtube or a playlist site which is not what im looking for.

Blog Design Journal answers:

None! Unique to china / chinese only

Linda asks…

building a webpage question?

ive inserted a code for a mp3 player on my sidebar on tumblr, but every time you click through to a new page, it starts the song over….
is there a way i can code the page to refresh everything else but the sidebar so the music doesn’t have to restart? ive seen it before, but not on tumblr.

Blog Design Journal answers:

You can do that if Tumblr allows use of a popup page as the player has to be coded to that page that stays open while your site is navigated. Otherwise, it restarts the media file each time since you seem to have put the player on every page.

The player code can be set to hide the player.


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