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Your Questions About Tumblr Codes Picture

Posted on June 07, 2011 by Blog Design Journal

Helen asks…

How do I get my display picture in the sidebar for Tumblr?

My background doesn’t have it in so I have to add a code, but all the codes I have tried never work they just end up looking like a little tiny white box. Can anyone help me?

This is what I mean by white box. its right above hello.

Blog Design Journal answers:

Go to any image uploading site, I recommend tinypic.com because you don’t have to sign up.

Upload the photo there, and it will give you a bunch of codes. Copy the one that starts with and paste it where you want your image on the html code thing.

That should do it.

Donald asks…

Is there an image filter code to make all pictures on my Tumblr appear black and white?

I’ve tried a few Myspace codes already.

Blog Design Journal answers:


Tumblr isn’t myspace.

Donna asks…


My goodness. This site is so fucking confusing! Now, I see why I hated myspace so much, you always had to find codes and layouts and shit to make your page special. Thank god, for facebook. I can have a boring page like everyone else!
Anyways, When I first opened an account with tumblr, I believe that I didnt upload a photo, and I dont know why that was. SO, now all I see for my photo is a picture of a black silhouette of a head! I want that gone and I have picture I want to put up but I cant seem to find out how to do so. What do i do?

Blog Design Journal answers:

Go to ur dashboard, then on the side click “customize” then go to “info” and you will see a place to upload your profile picture, click “browse” and look for your picture on your computer.

Sandy asks…

how do you place a picture as a header on tumblr?

I need the code to use to make it look like a post , for example (jamjars.tumblr.com) mine is (kelbow-.tumblr.com)
please help me. Tell me where I should place the code for the picture in the html. Thanks.
me and jamjars have the same theme, there isn’t an option to upload a header, but he has one, and if anyone knows anything about html just message me on tumblr.

Blog Design Journal answers:

Replacing the Text Header for an Image Header on Tumblr – http://tumblring.net/replacing-the-text-header-for-an-image-header-on-tumblr/
How to replace your Tumblr title with an image – http://www.socialnetworksguy.com/tumblr/how-to-add-an-image-as-title-on-your-tumblr/

Place Image Links on Tumblr Sidebar: http://tumblring.net/tumblr-image-links/
Adding a Tag List to your Tumblr Sidebar: http://tumblring.net/adding-a-tag-list-to-your-tumblr-sidebar/


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