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Your Questions About Tumblr Codes Scroll

Posted on April 17, 2011 by Blog Design Journal

Charles asks…

Could anyone edit my tumblr custom html code to give it infinite scroll?

Everything I try, I just keep messing it up. Please leave an answer and I’ll email you with my code.

Blog Design Journal answers:

Making your Tumblr an Endless Scrolling page: http://tumblring.net/making-your-tumblr-an-endless-scrolling-page/


Chris asks…

How do I make my tumblr sidebar stay still while I scroll?

If I want to scroll down to look at my post, I would want to be able to see my sidebar still. Any codes/sites/suggestions? Please and thanks.

Blog Design Journal answers:

If you want your sidebar to movie along while you slide down your blog than I think it won’t be possible as nobody will like to built a template which won’t be popular with search engines as they can’t read so many scripts etc. Properly.

It’s better to open your blog in two tabs or make it’s size look smaller by pressing control + -(minus) key and to come back to normal press control and O(zero) simultaneously.

Sandra asks…

Tumblr Theme question: How to keep your info column fixed whilst your posts scroll?

Ok, so on quite a few tumblr themes I’ve seen people have there info fixed and non moving but the posts column scrolls down whilst the info column stays put!
Does anyone know the html code for this?

Blog Design Journal answers:

In general you have to add css like the following:

position: fixed;
top: 10px;
right: 10px;

Replace “id_of_profile” with the id of the div containing the info. You’ll also need to adjust the “top” and “right” properties to position the profile where you want it on the page.

If you post a link to your site, I can give you a more specific answer.

Laura asks…

TUMBLR: How to fix scroll box on my theme tumblr? READ BELOW ??

Here is my tumblr: http://firstclassxo.tumblr.com/
ps: scroll down (thats my problem)

here is my html coding:view-source:http://firstclassxo.tumblr.com/

Blog Design Journal answers:


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